Monday, February 25, 2008

Two By Two...

I've been Tagged!!!

Two Names you go by: Nadine, Babe
Two Things you are wearing right now: Night Shirt, panties
Two Things you want or have in a relationship: laughter, a good kisser
Two of your favorite things to do: traveling and cooking
Two things you did last night: Watched Dirty Jobs and read Vanity Fair magazine
Two People you last talked to: Roy, my daughter's answering machine
Two Things you are doing tomorrow: NOTHING I HAVE TO DO....and lovin' it!!
Two Longest car rides: Tulsa to California toIdaho to Iowa to Tulsa....and Miami Ok to OKC to Roy's family!!! 200 miles door to door and I hate every bit of it!!
Two Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper and tequila!!
Two things about me you may not have known: Honestly I can't think of one thing you don't know!!
Two Jobs I have had in my life: Vet Assistant, Dishwasher at a restaurant as a teenager.
Two Movies I can watch over & over: Tombstone and Uncle Buck
Two of my favorite foods: Mexican and Italian
Two places I would rather be right now: On the beach in Mexico or In the shower....I really need to get going....I have a 9am appointment!!

Play along if you like!

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