Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....8

Back to Maui...

We went back to the island of Maui to a different port, Kahului. The ship was right on the dock. We walked into town...15 minutes walk thru big trucks and containers. We met another couple on their way back to the ship. They travelled with the idea of just gettin' off the ship and wander around to find a vendor for a tour or a way to the beach.....THERE WERE NONE!!! I'm not sure that it sunk into RoySr's have to plan!!!

We just walked into town for Dr Pepper!

I had us booked on Whale Watchin' Tour....which if you were listenin' to me, it's called a Well Watchin' Tour....That's what QueenVicky said!!


It was worth every penny!! And it was way better than the one in Alaska!!

In Alaska we just saw the tails but in Hawaii we saw the whole frickin' Well!!

This was one of those ports that we stayed in for two days....I will rent a car next time!!

The next day we went to the beach.

That is where my near death experience happened.

You might not have noticed it but I'm a Prairie Gal....Rollin' plains....wavin' wheat....not Rollin' Waves. Top that with the fact that I can't swim...I was doomed.

After a cup of coffee and 20 minute bus ride I was the first to venture into the ocean.
It was beautiful!!

So deep blue...a couple of islands in the was a leper colony...if you have to have a horrible disease why not live in Paradise??

The breeze was perfect!!

Not many people on the beach....Paradise is great!
Otherwise why call it Paradise?
The water was I went slow...the waves carryin' out the sand under my feet....a bit unnervin' havin' the ground washed away! But I kept walkin' out further. By now Roy and RoySr have joined me. The waves commin' in are greatin' bigger.

But odd to me was the way they worked. First I was hip deep and after the wave crashes I was knee deep so I would walk out a bit further...a wave out come in and all of the sudden I was chin deep!!! If havin' the sand washed out from under your feet was unnervin' try bein' 4Ft 11 and half inches and chin deep in the freakin' ocean!!!
Roy showed me how to ride the waves....just hop up and they will pick up up and float me....Cool!!!
Roy went out a lot further than I could....he was out chest deep....that is over my head!! I was perfectly fine at been chest deep on me!! RoySr stayed back with me. We all rode the waves and was having a grand time.
And then it happened!!
I saw it comin'!!

A huge swell was comin' in....huge....3 feet over Roy's head!! It picked him up and carried him forward....towards me and RoySr. I got ready....That wave was gonna take me to the shore!!
But Noooooo!!
That sucker curled!!!






A 5 footer!!!


It was the end. I went all the way to Paradise to die!
It was all endin' on One of The Best Beaches in Hawaii...voted so by the TravelChannel....the CabanaBoy said so!!
Have you ever been wrapped in a blanket and couldn't get out?
Have you ever been in a barrel rollin' down a hill??
Have you???
It was just like that.....but under water!
That is my biggest fear....drowning. I have nearly drown 3 times in my life time. You'd think I would have learn to swim.
But no.
I was 10. My father made me sign up for swimmin' lessons at the college.....and I was forced to get on the bus to go.

I went to 3 lessons. The first two lessons, they showed us the basics and the third one they threw us in the deep end!
Yep. Threw me in the deep end!!

Stupid college girl!!
She had to come in and get me!!! I don't swim.
I sat in the locker room until it was time to leave and I was not forced to go back...ever again!

So here I am wiped out by a 15 foot wave in Paradise....And then three things crossed my mind.
One, I was holdin' my breath.
Two, I could just stand up.
And three, Roy would save me!!

So I just stood up.
I would live!!!! I had only lost my sunglasses!!
I just started laughin' my ass off.
What better way to get all the sea water from out of my mouth and nose?
Just laugh in the face of death!!
I would live!!! I survived that 20 foot wave!!!!
I noticed that Roy was helpin' his dad up becuz the 25 foot wave had wiped him out too!! RoySr was really strugglin'!!
Then I was hit again!
By a much smaller wave so it just caused me to fall forward into the water. Now I had sand all over the side of my face!!
Just laugh about it...what else can a person do?

But all that was swept away like all the sand on the all the little kids on their my sunglasses....all the thoughts of not being number one in my dear hubby's life.....When I realized my boob was out for the world to see!!!


I guess the right one wanted to be out where it could see the next wave coming. I never know what those things are gonna do!

On the grand scale of life....who the flip cares!!

As I sat in my beach chair with Roy accessin' the traumatic event that had just taken place..."Honey, How big do you think that wave was? 25 or 30 foot??"
He rolled his eyes, "I'll give you 6 and that's it!" was gnarly!!


Billie said...

Keep your stories coming. They make me smile.

Miss Thystle said...

You're killing me. next time you go to Paradise I'll go with you and save you from the 50ft wave!

MizAngie said...

Thank God you (and your boobs)survived the tsunami!! Ha!!