Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....7

Kona...on the Big Island!

After being at sea a whole...we only saw the OldFolks twice...we were relaxed!! We toured a coffee company. They were roastin' the smelled so good!! I learned quite a bit. We toured a chocolate factory. Not as impressive. They were not very free with the samples. There were geckos runnin' around every where. And we were driven around the island to a vanilla company and had lunch. It was a long day.

I wore my has a playboy bunny on it. I got lots of attention from they had never seen one before!! I couldn't quite put my finger on what the big deal was...then someone asked!

"Were you a bunny?"


"Why yes..... I was......once........but only in my mind." He giggled.

And I went on my merry way.

Oooooooh....I get it now!

Speakin' of hats, Roy was lookin' over his collection of hats, tryin' to pick out one to take on this trip.

He wanted one that fit....the wind might catch it!

He didn't want one that might cause trouble at securty's enough to deal with as it is with he didn't take his NRA hat.

He opted for the most non-controversial hat he has....TSC....Tractor Supply! It served him well.

I told QueenVictoria that she should take a hat with her...totally forgettin' she wore a wig!! She took sun visor....that she didn't wear....she had sunglasses....sure but that forehead is left bear!!!!


RoySr....took a sunvisor too!! The man is bald!! What's the point!! I give up!!


Darlene said...

HA HA ! At bald sunvisor!

I have a friend who is bald and one day he forgot the sunscreen and because he had a ball cap, he thought he was safe, yeah, all except for that little rectangle cut out in the back. He had a bright red rectangle on the back of his head for a few days!

Your trip sounds wonderful. I want to go to Hawaii some day.

Miss Thystle said...

I wondered why he wore the TS hat!