Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii.....5

The Big Island....Hilo....

What a rough night!!!

I have never been sick on a cruise but I was ready to toss my cookies at any moment!! I got up and took my Navy Shower....the drain didn't I waited for ever to get hot water by lettin' it run in the sink.....hold the shower head in the sink.....great huh!! Then when the water was warm enough to shower I got under it....turned the water off....soap up and then rinse. It was the only way! Shitty ship!!

All the while I was staggerin' around like a drunken sailor!! Gettin' sicker by the minute!

I took my shower and laid down.

I dried my hair then laid down!

Put my clothes on and then laid down.....I was stressed out!!!

What if the OldFolks were as sick as I was?????

I ready to call it quits and not go anywhere but to the bathroom to vomit. Roy called them. They were as fine a wine!

I felt much better!!!

We visited the National Park of Volcanoes....or something like that.....It was cool! There was this stop at a lava tube.....Lava tubes are just what it sounds like but lava no longer flows thru them. The OldFolks wanted to go thru it. I did not!!

I have been in a lot of caves all over Missouri and Arkansas....another hole in the ground that reeked of sewer in the middle of a rainforest didn't entice me at all....go figure!

Roy picked me up and carried me thru.....damn it!!

After all that excitement I had to use the was rainin' and cold....that didn't help any. Roy and I stopped 3 minutes.....just 3 minutes. He times me....sometimes we I know only 3 minutes.

"Where's mom and dad?"

"I'm not sure but that old couple gettin' on the WRONG BUS sure looks likes them."

"Oh Lord! MOM!!! MOM!!!!" and off he runs to get them. I just giggled....not my parents!!

Next stop the Orchid nursery.....that was a nice place. I had no idea that there was so many different orchids.

Roy wanted to buy his mother a lei....of silk flowers. I helped him pick it out and gave him a pin I wanted...lapel pins thingys. I saw QueenVicky lookin' over the post cards.....that is her thing....they only cost 10cents and RoySr doesn't have a hissy over postcards. She had mentioned to me months ago that she wanted a puka shell necklace so I pointed her in the right direction.

RoySr had a cow!!

I just walked away. I can't stand it.

What a tightwad!!

If QV wants a freakin' $5 necklace...let her have it!!!

She bought it despite the fit.

Roy gave his mother the lei and you would have thought he bought her a new Rolls Royce!!

Back at the port, Roy bought me a lei of real beautiful! It was so fragrant! I let everyone that passed by smell it!!

Too bad that it didn't live long.....I'd loved to bring it home.

Next Stop Maui...Lahaina!


MizAngie said...

I'm remembering why I'm a homebody...

Mannyed said...

please, please, please tell me that a Navy shower requires showering with a Navy guy.

Billie said...

Hmm.... I always imagined Hawaii as more of a romantic vacation. The OldFolks seemed to have taken the romance out of it.

Note to self: Don't bring parents to Hawaii.