Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....4

Many people don't realized that there are 132 islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands. Roy didn't realize that Honolulu was not on the Big Island...why... I dont' know....I guess he expected the largest island to have the biggest city....I don't know.

There had been talk of rentin' a car to get around on the islands that we stayed overnight on....but I didn't.

This was of course Roy's vacation too. He didn't need added stress....I know how stressed he was at being in charge of his parents on this trip. So I just planned out excursions thru the ship....which means lots of bus rides. But next time.....I rentin' the damn car!

I planned all the excursions around the OldHightowers. We would not be havin' surfin' lessons or riding horses thru the rainforest or anything that Roy and I would love to do. But next time....I'm ridin' the damn horse!!!

The OldHightowers are "walk-thru the gardens" sorta people.....stop and smell the roses. I can deal with that. Once Roy said, "What's that on your face? It's orange!?" I had that suff on it from smellin' the flowers.....that's the kinda gal I am! I'm smellin' the damn flower!!

So with that in mind our excursion on Oahu was to tour Pearl Harbor and tour Honolulu City. Pearl Harbor a must do no matter matter what age you moves you.

It was a good major problems or hissy fits.....wait let my look at my travel journal to make sure....oh rained!!

But Woo Hoo!!!

I was in Hawaii!!!!

Let the rain fall!!

Most of the problems we encountered was with the ship. It is supposed to "freestyling" but it was brought to our attention that we should make reservations by the OldHightower's Bulter!!

Butler!!! Yep they had a bulter!!

It would seem that the travel agent that QV used set her up in a penthouse suite.....on the smallest, shittiest ship NCL has in was expensive!!

And that made them VIP's.....that qualifies them for a bulter....but then she placed them in economy on the plane....that didn't make sense. But if you want to bilk an old couple out of their retirement money that was the best way to do it. VIPs got flowers and a fruit basket and even better.....champagne!! QueenVicky mentioned returnin' it to the Butler as she didn't drink! I tucked it under my arm. "No worries! Leave it to me. I'll dispose of it."

Roy smiled.

So with the aid of the Bulter we had him reserve us a table that evening......and when we show up for dinner.....they don't have it!!!

Roy lost it!!

Day 2 and he lost that's stressed!!

I just turn and motioned for the whole group to walk away. I just didn't want to mess with any of it. I was very upset that the cruise line didn't treat any of us very well. I have had better service from Arby's!!

Pay all that money and get jacked around.

In the end they seated us and we had a couple of people with strips and stars on their lapels bowin' and scrappin'....but the damage was done. And thru out the entire cruise the only problems we had was with the ship and the crews way they handled the customers.

Wait.....let's get back to the Happy Vacation....

We sailed out of Oahu that evening bound for Hilo on the Big Island.


Dawn said...

loved the pics....

Kendra said...

NCL was that bad, huh? I've heard they're hit or miss, but that's just outrageous.