Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....2

The Flight to Paradise....

For those familiar with Chicago O'Hare, we landed at concourse E, and flew out of concourse B...Gate 16!!! For those not familiar with Chicago O'Hare....that is at least a freakin' mile away!!!!!!!

I am off the plane first to check the signs for which direction to go....I am a naviagator. I have always been able to read maps and know just exactly which way is North and way to go...either by landmarks or by signs....at an early age I was dubbed "The Naviagator".

I got my bearings and made sure they were behind me and set out for Concourse B Gate 16. At every turn I stopped for them to catch up. I had my bag.....Roy had his....and after about 4 turns and 3 miles of O'Hare Roy had his Mother's!!

After about 6 miles, I was told to slow down as I was movin' to fast for RoySr.....That was announced by QueenVictoria. She must be pyshic....he never complained about my pace....which was not my normal pace....way slower......I thought I was doing quite good.

I was super thrilled we had extra time to get thru this airport. We would have had to use one of the people mover thingy that looks like a barge that pushes its way thru the crowd. But we made it to Gate 16 with time to spare.

QueenVicky heard the announcement that our flight was boarding and grabbed RoySr and went to the head of the line......don't you just hate those people that cut in line.....the ones that are sitting in economy when they are loadin' 1st class?????

Roy and I stood back.

The TicketLady would stop them....and she did.

Seriously, people! We had assigned seats....why be the first on the freakin' plane???? It doesn't make it take off any quicker!!

We were boarded onto a Triple 7....it had 7 seats across....it was like being in a cattle car!! More Leg Room my ass!!!! That is one of the most miserable things I have voluntarily did in a long time. We were on it for 10 hours. But the real kick in the pants was I sat on one row...in the middle..... and Roy sat directly behind me!!! He sat next to a woman and her travelling companion from Ohio that we will refer to from now on as his Girlfriends....They were really a great couple of gals. I don't know either's name becuz they got a kick outta being "The Girlfriends". One of them took our photo at the end of the cruise to say "This is the Husband I stole."

The OldHightowers were ahead of us...RoySr was seated dead center. He has a bladder problem. He had to climb over two people on either side of him to get to the lavatory.....he did this at least 20 times!! Roy looked up once to see him powerwalkin' around the cabin.....like the people at the mall!!! Roy just ducked his head....he was so embarrassed. I got up twice and Roy got up once.

We finally landed in Honolulu....took our time to get to baggage....and set the OldFolks down to wait while Roy and I went for the luggage.....it would be so much easier for us to buck the luggage than to have those two in the way.

We were loaded up on a bus and taken to the port. We saw our first of many Rainbows.....so beautiful!!

'nuff for today.

And now the freakin' thing won't let me add pix!!!


Mannyed said...

Next time I would go for the people movers. Maybe they will even honk the horn for you guys. Haha. You're a saint.

Kendra said...

All those bad things you thought about the OldHightowers are excused because you didn't actually act them. Lucky thing, too.

Cindy R said...

All I can say is you are one brave girl! I don't think I could handle a trip to the zoo with my in-laws!
At least you got to see Hawaii!
Good to have you back!
The pictures were great too!

Jean said...

I am cracking up.. And I agree with Gina.. go with the people movers!! At least they got to go! You all have good hearts.

Sherrie said...

I haven't had a chance to read these last 2 entries yet, had to work a double today. I'll be sure to try and get back tomorrow to catch up on your trip :-)

Glad you're back!