Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii...

I hope you're ready for this!! I have enough material to last a freakin' month!!!

And so it goes....

On Jan 31st it snowed!! I'm talkin' 8 inches!! I was greatly concerned about goin' to Chicago!! I looked up the flight delays for O'Hare and it was 5 freakin' hours!!!!

The CatCamp Councelor was concerned also!! He called to say his driveway was impassible!! We took them over a day early as the next morning all that snow would be frozen!!!

By the time we left on Feb 1st the delay for Chicago was down to 2 1/2 hours!!!!!!

From the moment we walked in the Old Hightowers home, we prepped them for Security. They haven't traveled since 9/11 and so many things have changed. Roy went thru the carry-on bag. And I went thru the Old Lady's purse.....let's from now on call her QueenVictoria....and keep thinkin' about the phrase..."We Are Not Amused!"....Becuz that's what I was dealin' with!!!

I don't know how many times I told her that she couldn't take something...bottled many times do I have to explain that..... in her purse and turn right around and have her put it back in!!! It's was like a small child that you had to tell "do not put your finger in the light socket" only for them to do it!!!

OVER AND OVER....becuz they liked being shocked???!!!!

A week before we were scheduled to leave, I received a letter saying she had a credit card that was set to only allow $1000 a day.....what???? Who has such a low limit???
I don't know how many times I told her you pay at the end of the cruise and it will be more than a thousand! I turned to Roy to explain to QV that she needed to up the limit. On Sunday, he called and explained it once more. She said she would take care of on Monday. Friday at 4:30, thirty minutes before the bank closes, the day before we fly off to Paradise.....she had not done it!!!!!

She was on the phone for for 20 minutes and talked to 3 different people to get it changed.....and it involved RoySr....which is not a good thing.....I'd rather have a root canal!!

Later in the evening, someone had the Bright Idea to call Will Rogers World Airport to see just how far in advance we needed to be there to catch our flight....QueenVicky wanted to sleep 30 more minutes....Oh Just Shoot Me Now!!!!!!!!

After 1 hour on the phone with the automated United Flight Checker Thingy...Roy heard once that the flight was cancelled so a return phone call had to made to verify!!!!! I finally put my foot down and made him call the Information Desk at Freakin' Will Rogers World Airport and find out that we needed to be there 2 hours before out Flight!


So we arrive early enough to get put on an earlier flight.....which turned out to be a blessing! I had to push them thru security with Roy's help. For the most part I would tell them things in gentle tones and when that didn't work.....Roy barked orders!!
I may have had to whip the OldFolks thru OKC to get that earlier flight but we could take our time in Chicago!!!

And that's where we'll end..... for today.....There's more!!

So much more!!!

I can't get the Freakin' Spellcheck to overlook that!!


Jeankfl said...

I cannot wait to hear this!!!

Mannyed said...

I swear my blood pressure would of sky rocketed ALREADY!

barnyardmama said...

I'm enjoying this already.

I would have killed QV before I even left the house. The teacher in me cannot STAND to have someone ignore it when I tell them someone.

MizAngie said...

Hahahaha. There's a place in heaven for ya...

Beth said...

ok, i am ready to hear more !!!!!

Billie said...

Yahhh! You are back!