Friday, February 29, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....

The Postcard Stamps Conspiracy.

Everyone has a thing.....Something they like to collect.

My aunt, VioletJean, collects magnets from the different places she travels. My sister, RubyJune collects elephants. I sometimes buy shot glasses, Harley Tshirts, or lapel pins. Roy's Mother, QueenVicky, buys postcards.

Two reasons: to have a beautiful photo of the place she has her camera doesn't take good pictures. Funny though, Roy said, "Look at her. She how holds the camera. I can't imagine any one turning out well!"

And last I heard they didn't turn out so great....wrong settin' for the camera!

Second reason, to send them to people....obivious right! Roy and I have cell phones with Nation-wide coverage, so at anytime we can call home and say, "This is great! Wish you were here!"

In fact I called RubyJune, "Woo Hoo!! I'm in Hawaii!!"

She grumbled something harsh and complained about being under a tornado warning.

"If it makes you feel any better, it has rained on me every day in Paradise."

She grumble something harsh again....I couldn't blame her. Tornadoes or Rain in Paradise....such an easy pick!

So anyway, QueenVicky bought postcards to send home to Roy's siblings...which makes me think.... Isn't it about time for National FigLeafDay?? I'll have to make up a card for RubyJune....July 11th! Mark you date books....and send your siblings a card!

Anyway....QV and her postcards..... She came prepared. She brought her own stamps to mail the cards to the family....And we all know that she put them in a safe place. So safe that she could not remember where she put them. She said that her daughter packed them and she couldn't remember where they were. She dug in her purse at least 20 times!!

In one day!!

Every time she was sittin' still she was diggin' thru her purse.....lookin' for those damn stamps!!

Now you know what all's in your own old lady's is not different. Maybe you or I don't carry as many tissues or cough drops. But that means unloadin' all that crap over and over. The chances of losin' some of it is very high! The more she dug the more irrated that RoySr was gettin' the more they bickered. Roy finally told her that we could buy some from the problem.

But she just kept lookin'....For days!!!

I told Roy to call his sister to find out what she did with them. I was tired of her diggin' thru everything!

He left a message on her machine....she doesn't have long distance so she never bothered to call him back...they are a strange family. I take great comfort in the fact that I save Roy from their oddball ways...and look how he's turned out!!

I have led him right down the primrose path!

*Insert Evil Giggle*

Day 3, Roy took her down to the Purser's Desk and they took her card and never even asked for her ship card or anything...I guess in the grand scheme of things 26cents doesn't mean anything to them.

So we thought she would just give up lookin' for the stamps and continue usin' the ship's system.....but nooooooo!

She was diggin' thru her luggage and goin' thru the safe all the time.

Every time we went to their cabin she was searchin' for them!

The last day of the Cruise, Roy and I took her down to settle the bills. She also had a postcard to mail.....she would beat it home but whatever. So as we arrive at the Purser's Desk, there were passengers and crew standin' around. The crew was havin' some sorta drill.

And you know how things work with the passengers, WE WAIT IN LINE FOR OUR TURN!! But Noooooo!!

She had it in her head, she just had to mail that postcard.

Roy told her, "Mom, just wait we'll get there."

But it was like a child standin' in line to sit on Santa's lap....or she had to go pee....she just could not stand still!!! The whole concept of waitin' your turn in line just didn't compute with her!!

And she made a break for it!!

Waving her card at the crew that was standin' around she headed toward them.

I called out to her, "Vicky! Vicky! Roy!"


She stopped and came poutin' back, "But I have to mail this."

I told her, "If they do not have on one of those Red Jackets, they can not help you."

We were second in line and she butted in to the couple in front of us. The Red Jacket just looked at her and smiled but didn't break away from the current business at hand. I thought that was the best way to handle QueenVictoria!

Just smile and get to her when it's her turn!

So we were standin' in the Honolulu airport killin' time...we had 4 hours until our flight departed....Roy called his sister to give her an update on our status. And he asked her where the postcard stamps were...she had no clue! QueenVictoria had packed them!

When..... like magic..... QV pulled the ever elusive stamps from her purse!!

I like to have died!! Right there!!!

She had the audacity to act like she knew where they were the whole time.

She said, "What stamps? These? These are my stamps!"

"Where did you get those? Let me see them."

"These are mine! I bought them in Oklahoma City! These are mine!"

Roy is laughin'!

I'm laughin'!!

It's either that or fuckin' cry!!!!!

She reluctantly gave them to I was gonna run screamin' from the buildin' and she'd never see me again!!!!!

Roy held them while I took the picture and he handed them back to his mother. She was still in a stint over it all. She just couldn't see what was important about those stamps. It was like all those massive searches never took place!!

Maybe there is bliss with senility!!

And it's not over yet!!!!

I'm home.

I have unpacked all my bags.

I have gone thru all my souvenirs.

And QueenVictoria calls, "Where are my postcards?"

"They are where ever you left them becuz I do not have anything of yours."

Roy called them just yesterday...and she asked where the damn fuckin' postcard were?!?!?!?!?

When we left their house, we told them good bye and that we wouldn't be back until Christmas.....maybe!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....8

Back to Maui...

We went back to the island of Maui to a different port, Kahului. The ship was right on the dock. We walked into town...15 minutes walk thru big trucks and containers. We met another couple on their way back to the ship. They travelled with the idea of just gettin' off the ship and wander around to find a vendor for a tour or a way to the beach.....THERE WERE NONE!!! I'm not sure that it sunk into RoySr's have to plan!!!

We just walked into town for Dr Pepper!

I had us booked on Whale Watchin' Tour....which if you were listenin' to me, it's called a Well Watchin' Tour....That's what QueenVicky said!!


It was worth every penny!! And it was way better than the one in Alaska!!

In Alaska we just saw the tails but in Hawaii we saw the whole frickin' Well!!

This was one of those ports that we stayed in for two days....I will rent a car next time!!

The next day we went to the beach.

That is where my near death experience happened.

You might not have noticed it but I'm a Prairie Gal....Rollin' plains....wavin' wheat....not Rollin' Waves. Top that with the fact that I can't swim...I was doomed.

After a cup of coffee and 20 minute bus ride I was the first to venture into the ocean.
It was beautiful!!

So deep blue...a couple of islands in the was a leper colony...if you have to have a horrible disease why not live in Paradise??

The breeze was perfect!!

Not many people on the beach....Paradise is great!
Otherwise why call it Paradise?
The water was I went slow...the waves carryin' out the sand under my feet....a bit unnervin' havin' the ground washed away! But I kept walkin' out further. By now Roy and RoySr have joined me. The waves commin' in are greatin' bigger.

But odd to me was the way they worked. First I was hip deep and after the wave crashes I was knee deep so I would walk out a bit further...a wave out come in and all of the sudden I was chin deep!!! If havin' the sand washed out from under your feet was unnervin' try bein' 4Ft 11 and half inches and chin deep in the freakin' ocean!!!
Roy showed me how to ride the waves....just hop up and they will pick up up and float me....Cool!!!
Roy went out a lot further than I could....he was out chest deep....that is over my head!! I was perfectly fine at been chest deep on me!! RoySr stayed back with me. We all rode the waves and was having a grand time.
And then it happened!!
I saw it comin'!!

A huge swell was comin' in....huge....3 feet over Roy's head!! It picked him up and carried him forward....towards me and RoySr. I got ready....That wave was gonna take me to the shore!!
But Noooooo!!
That sucker curled!!!






A 5 footer!!!


It was the end. I went all the way to Paradise to die!
It was all endin' on One of The Best Beaches in Hawaii...voted so by the TravelChannel....the CabanaBoy said so!!
Have you ever been wrapped in a blanket and couldn't get out?
Have you ever been in a barrel rollin' down a hill??
Have you???
It was just like that.....but under water!
That is my biggest fear....drowning. I have nearly drown 3 times in my life time. You'd think I would have learn to swim.
But no.
I was 10. My father made me sign up for swimmin' lessons at the college.....and I was forced to get on the bus to go.

I went to 3 lessons. The first two lessons, they showed us the basics and the third one they threw us in the deep end!
Yep. Threw me in the deep end!!

Stupid college girl!!
She had to come in and get me!!! I don't swim.
I sat in the locker room until it was time to leave and I was not forced to go back...ever again!

So here I am wiped out by a 15 foot wave in Paradise....And then three things crossed my mind.
One, I was holdin' my breath.
Two, I could just stand up.
And three, Roy would save me!!

So I just stood up.
I would live!!!! I had only lost my sunglasses!!
I just started laughin' my ass off.
What better way to get all the sea water from out of my mouth and nose?
Just laugh in the face of death!!
I would live!!! I survived that 20 foot wave!!!!
I noticed that Roy was helpin' his dad up becuz the 25 foot wave had wiped him out too!! RoySr was really strugglin'!!
Then I was hit again!
By a much smaller wave so it just caused me to fall forward into the water. Now I had sand all over the side of my face!!
Just laugh about it...what else can a person do?

But all that was swept away like all the sand on the all the little kids on their my sunglasses....all the thoughts of not being number one in my dear hubby's life.....When I realized my boob was out for the world to see!!!


I guess the right one wanted to be out where it could see the next wave coming. I never know what those things are gonna do!

On the grand scale of life....who the flip cares!!

As I sat in my beach chair with Roy accessin' the traumatic event that had just taken place..."Honey, How big do you think that wave was? 25 or 30 foot??"
He rolled his eyes, "I'll give you 6 and that's it!" was gnarly!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....7

Kona...on the Big Island!

After being at sea a whole...we only saw the OldFolks twice...we were relaxed!! We toured a coffee company. They were roastin' the smelled so good!! I learned quite a bit. We toured a chocolate factory. Not as impressive. They were not very free with the samples. There were geckos runnin' around every where. And we were driven around the island to a vanilla company and had lunch. It was a long day.

I wore my has a playboy bunny on it. I got lots of attention from they had never seen one before!! I couldn't quite put my finger on what the big deal was...then someone asked!

"Were you a bunny?"


"Why yes..... I was......once........but only in my mind." He giggled.

And I went on my merry way.

Oooooooh....I get it now!

Speakin' of hats, Roy was lookin' over his collection of hats, tryin' to pick out one to take on this trip.

He wanted one that fit....the wind might catch it!

He didn't want one that might cause trouble at securty's enough to deal with as it is with he didn't take his NRA hat.

He opted for the most non-controversial hat he has....TSC....Tractor Supply! It served him well.

I told QueenVictoria that she should take a hat with her...totally forgettin' she wore a wig!! She took sun visor....that she didn't wear....she had sunglasses....sure but that forehead is left bear!!!!


RoySr....took a sunvisor too!! The man is bald!! What's the point!! I give up!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....6

Maui!! That's all one tree!! Isn't that one of the oddest things ever!
The ship dropped anchor in the bay and we took tenders to the island. Lahiana was a town that we needed more time to see it all. It was a quaint artsy sort of town. Touristy without huge chain restaurants and retail stores. They were there just not on the beach area. This was Roy favorite island.
We toured the Maui Ocean Center.....I had never been to an aquarium....apparently RoySr had. The Iao the freakin' rain....'nuff already!!! We toured the Maui Tropical Plantation. QueenVictoria said as stood in the gardens of the plantation, "I wonder what there is to see here?"
What??? Are you freakin' kiddin' me????
I had researched all the tours and I had my instructions of what they wanted to do. And all the while listenin' to RoySr bitch becuz he had been drug to Paradise and bitched becuz he thought there would be more flowers!! The line cuttin' grumpy old farts!!!!
And then RoySr said it, the most damagin' thing he coulda to me, "Why can't we just get off the boat and wander around?"
I was about to crack. Mnt StNadine was steamin'....the earthquakes were rumblin'.....This volcano was fixin' ta erupt!! I had enough!! But I'm gettin' ahead of myself...
Comin' back into town I saw the Harley shop....we had to have a Hawaiian Harley Shirt!! We told the OldHightowers what our plans were and they wanted to go back to the ship. So Roy put them in the line and told them we'd be right back.
15 minutes...20 tops....we returned to where we thought they would OldFolks!! Sure the line would move so Roy walked the line to see how far up the line they had moved....No OldFolks!!
I held our place in line as he walked over to that really cool tree....NO OLDFOLKS!!!!
I was movin' up in the line pretty quick...they could have made it to the ship. He checked the line again....maybe they had gotten out to go buy some postcards....Oh please do not let me forget to tell you about the's my first time writin' my memoirs and I may forget and leave out the postcards.
He was worried. He had it in his mind that they couldn't not have made it on the ship. He checked the line for a 5th time. This time.... people are wonderin' what's up with this dude lookin' us you know how many old women have short cropped hair....we can at least narrow it down to short cropped wigs.....and there are many of those too. So Roy does what Roy does, he jokes....He so funny!
One woman asked him what his problem was. He pouted up, "I've lost my mommy and daddy."
She grinned and point to the policeman not far away, "Go tell that nice policeman. He is your friend."
Plan B: It was 4:00 and we had to be back to the ship by 4:30, if they weren't on board, Roy would go back and look for them.
Yep! They were on the ship! They cut the line and got back on-board 10 minutes after we left them. They just thought that so funny.
Roy didn't say a word. But I did!
I explained to them in most gracious terms what their line cuttin' did to Roy and that it was not funny....smilin' the whole time.....I'm Southern, it's second nature. Tell someone how the cow ate the cabbage and smile the whole time and manage to say please and thank you. The next time we left them to go back to the boat without us they didn't cut the fact they managed to be on the same tender!!
We went back to our room, and I let Roy have it. It was not meant for Roy...he didn't deserve it. No one have ever told his parents that their behavior is unacceptable. If they had been children they would have been beaten to an inch of their lives!! I was ready to cancel all tours and just let that old fart wander around on his own. But I was told I could not say one word to them. And Roy wouldn't let me cancel any of the tours. The next was a day at sea and a day away from his folks.
I grabbed the champagne....I deserved it!!
Funny thing about the champagne....did you know that the cork has a hair trigger??
The minute Roy took the wire off....zing!!!! that cork shot out!! I'm not sure was more healin'.... the laughter of our ignorance of champagne corks or the champagne itself.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii.....5

The Big Island....Hilo....

What a rough night!!!

I have never been sick on a cruise but I was ready to toss my cookies at any moment!! I got up and took my Navy Shower....the drain didn't I waited for ever to get hot water by lettin' it run in the sink.....hold the shower head in the sink.....great huh!! Then when the water was warm enough to shower I got under it....turned the water off....soap up and then rinse. It was the only way! Shitty ship!!

All the while I was staggerin' around like a drunken sailor!! Gettin' sicker by the minute!

I took my shower and laid down.

I dried my hair then laid down!

Put my clothes on and then laid down.....I was stressed out!!!

What if the OldFolks were as sick as I was?????

I ready to call it quits and not go anywhere but to the bathroom to vomit. Roy called them. They were as fine a wine!

I felt much better!!!

We visited the National Park of Volcanoes....or something like that.....It was cool! There was this stop at a lava tube.....Lava tubes are just what it sounds like but lava no longer flows thru them. The OldFolks wanted to go thru it. I did not!!

I have been in a lot of caves all over Missouri and Arkansas....another hole in the ground that reeked of sewer in the middle of a rainforest didn't entice me at all....go figure!

Roy picked me up and carried me thru.....damn it!!

After all that excitement I had to use the was rainin' and cold....that didn't help any. Roy and I stopped 3 minutes.....just 3 minutes. He times me....sometimes we I know only 3 minutes.

"Where's mom and dad?"

"I'm not sure but that old couple gettin' on the WRONG BUS sure looks likes them."

"Oh Lord! MOM!!! MOM!!!!" and off he runs to get them. I just giggled....not my parents!!

Next stop the Orchid nursery.....that was a nice place. I had no idea that there was so many different orchids.

Roy wanted to buy his mother a lei....of silk flowers. I helped him pick it out and gave him a pin I wanted...lapel pins thingys. I saw QueenVicky lookin' over the post cards.....that is her thing....they only cost 10cents and RoySr doesn't have a hissy over postcards. She had mentioned to me months ago that she wanted a puka shell necklace so I pointed her in the right direction.

RoySr had a cow!!

I just walked away. I can't stand it.

What a tightwad!!

If QV wants a freakin' $5 necklace...let her have it!!!

She bought it despite the fit.

Roy gave his mother the lei and you would have thought he bought her a new Rolls Royce!!

Back at the port, Roy bought me a lei of real beautiful! It was so fragrant! I let everyone that passed by smell it!!

Too bad that it didn't live long.....I'd loved to bring it home.

Next Stop Maui...Lahaina!

Two By Two...

I've been Tagged!!!

Two Names you go by: Nadine, Babe
Two Things you are wearing right now: Night Shirt, panties
Two Things you want or have in a relationship: laughter, a good kisser
Two of your favorite things to do: traveling and cooking
Two things you did last night: Watched Dirty Jobs and read Vanity Fair magazine
Two People you last talked to: Roy, my daughter's answering machine
Two Things you are doing tomorrow: NOTHING I HAVE TO DO....and lovin' it!!
Two Longest car rides: Tulsa to California toIdaho to Iowa to Tulsa....and Miami Ok to OKC to Roy's family!!! 200 miles door to door and I hate every bit of it!!
Two Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper and tequila!!
Two things about me you may not have known: Honestly I can't think of one thing you don't know!!
Two Jobs I have had in my life: Vet Assistant, Dishwasher at a restaurant as a teenager.
Two Movies I can watch over & over: Tombstone and Uncle Buck
Two of my favorite foods: Mexican and Italian
Two places I would rather be right now: On the beach in Mexico or In the shower....I really need to get going....I have a 9am appointment!!

Play along if you like!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....4

Many people don't realized that there are 132 islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands. Roy didn't realize that Honolulu was not on the Big Island...why... I dont' know....I guess he expected the largest island to have the biggest city....I don't know.

There had been talk of rentin' a car to get around on the islands that we stayed overnight on....but I didn't.

This was of course Roy's vacation too. He didn't need added stress....I know how stressed he was at being in charge of his parents on this trip. So I just planned out excursions thru the ship....which means lots of bus rides. But next time.....I rentin' the damn car!

I planned all the excursions around the OldHightowers. We would not be havin' surfin' lessons or riding horses thru the rainforest or anything that Roy and I would love to do. But next time....I'm ridin' the damn horse!!!

The OldHightowers are "walk-thru the gardens" sorta people.....stop and smell the roses. I can deal with that. Once Roy said, "What's that on your face? It's orange!?" I had that suff on it from smellin' the flowers.....that's the kinda gal I am! I'm smellin' the damn flower!!

So with that in mind our excursion on Oahu was to tour Pearl Harbor and tour Honolulu City. Pearl Harbor a must do no matter matter what age you moves you.

It was a good major problems or hissy fits.....wait let my look at my travel journal to make sure....oh rained!!

But Woo Hoo!!!

I was in Hawaii!!!!

Let the rain fall!!

Most of the problems we encountered was with the ship. It is supposed to "freestyling" but it was brought to our attention that we should make reservations by the OldHightower's Bulter!!

Butler!!! Yep they had a bulter!!

It would seem that the travel agent that QV used set her up in a penthouse suite.....on the smallest, shittiest ship NCL has in was expensive!!

And that made them VIP's.....that qualifies them for a bulter....but then she placed them in economy on the plane....that didn't make sense. But if you want to bilk an old couple out of their retirement money that was the best way to do it. VIPs got flowers and a fruit basket and even better.....champagne!! QueenVicky mentioned returnin' it to the Butler as she didn't drink! I tucked it under my arm. "No worries! Leave it to me. I'll dispose of it."

Roy smiled.

So with the aid of the Bulter we had him reserve us a table that evening......and when we show up for dinner.....they don't have it!!!

Roy lost it!!

Day 2 and he lost that's stressed!!

I just turn and motioned for the whole group to walk away. I just didn't want to mess with any of it. I was very upset that the cruise line didn't treat any of us very well. I have had better service from Arby's!!

Pay all that money and get jacked around.

In the end they seated us and we had a couple of people with strips and stars on their lapels bowin' and scrappin'....but the damage was done. And thru out the entire cruise the only problems we had was with the ship and the crews way they handled the customers.

Wait.....let's get back to the Happy Vacation....

We sailed out of Oahu that evening bound for Hilo on the Big Island.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....3

Boarding the Ship...

Roy and I are pros at this. I put our passports with our boarding passes and had them ready to show. I had hope that QueenVictoria would follow my lead....she's an educated woman..... And never lets any us forget that fact!

She asked which paper she needed. I showed her....easy enough. "Well what about this one?"

"No. Just the one that says ticket."
"Are you sure?"
"Well I think I should have this one too."
"Give the whole mess to me." I ripped out the paper she needed, handed it back to her and tucked the rest in my bag.

People were handing out flyers was we got off the bus at the terminal. QV said, "Oh we should do this."

"Let me look it over." and tucked it in my bag. I did that about 3 times!

Finally, I whispered to Roy, "If any one gives her anything else, take it. It will be less of a hassle later!"

It was time to go thru security, I had by now put the OldHightowers' birth certificates...RoySr didn't want to pay for Passports....he's 84 in his eyes "what's the point I won't make 94"....oddly enough I think if he bought the passport he would live long enough just to justify the expense and to get his moneys worth........ and driver's licenses together....becuz though QV had graduated college, her degree in Home Economics doesn't mean she can follow directions..... with their tickets becuz it was soooooo much easier than tellin' them how to do it!!!

It was like a slow walk to the gallows.

Roy and I let them go thru first so if they had a problem we were right there to mop it up.

No Problem!!

We got them to put all belongin's in the baskets for xray and pushed them thru the metal detector. I have never figured out why it is so hard to put your purse in a basket and send it thru an xray machine but I had to mug QueenVicky to do it. Old ladies and their purses...Geez!!!

No Problem!!

We are pros at this!!
And then it was my turn.....and it always happens....I don't know why but it always does!!

I put all my stuff in the baskets for xray and stepped thru the metal detector ahead of Roy. It beeped.


I stepped back thru.....I know the drill by heart.

I took off my shoes.

I stepped beeped.


I stepped thru to Roy's side....and took off my belt.

I smiled at the guard and stepped thru it.

It beeped!!

What the Hell??? That's never happened before!!!

Roy said, "Maybe it's your glasses?"

I handed them to the guard.

And stepped back to Roy's side, turned, smiled at the guard, and stepped back thru for a 4th time!!!

It beeped!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK AND SHIT!!!
So as I stood there wonderin' if I had to take off my bra becuz of the underwire, lookin' at Roy like "Honey, Help Me!!" He had turned red by this point! He was waitin' for the sniper to take me out.

The OldHightowers were standin' back watchin' all this....lookin' down her nose, QV looked like she had eaten a persimmon!!

When the guard who was obviously havin' a great deal of fun with this whole encounter, said, "How about that hair clip?"


I handed him my metal hair clip, rolled my eyes and stepped back thru the metal didn't beep!!! The guard just smiled and handed me back my stuff and I went on my merry way.

While Roy helped the OldHightowers register I took care of us. There came a time when Roy was needed. I did what I always do....Walmart....Home Depot....Hawaii Ship Terminal....hollered, "Honey!!"

Everyone in the joint turned to look at me....but Roy!! So naturally I had to yell at him again.

The chick that was signin' me in just cracked up, "I can't believe you just did that!"

Obviously, she wasn't married!

And never dealt with a man that had a hearin' problem.

He finally came and signed in and we are now ready to go on our grand adventure on the high seas to visit some the most beautiful islands in the Pacific.

God I need a drink!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii....2

The Flight to Paradise....

For those familiar with Chicago O'Hare, we landed at concourse E, and flew out of concourse B...Gate 16!!! For those not familiar with Chicago O'Hare....that is at least a freakin' mile away!!!!!!!

I am off the plane first to check the signs for which direction to go....I am a naviagator. I have always been able to read maps and know just exactly which way is North and way to go...either by landmarks or by an early age I was dubbed "The Naviagator".

I got my bearings and made sure they were behind me and set out for Concourse B Gate 16. At every turn I stopped for them to catch up. I had my bag.....Roy had his....and after about 4 turns and 3 miles of O'Hare Roy had his Mother's!!

After about 6 miles, I was told to slow down as I was movin' to fast for RoySr.....That was announced by QueenVictoria. She must be pyshic....he never complained about my pace....which was not my normal pace....way slower......I thought I was doing quite good.

I was super thrilled we had extra time to get thru this airport. We would have had to use one of the people mover thingy that looks like a barge that pushes its way thru the crowd. But we made it to Gate 16 with time to spare.

QueenVicky heard the announcement that our flight was boarding and grabbed RoySr and went to the head of the line......don't you just hate those people that cut in line.....the ones that are sitting in economy when they are loadin' 1st class?????

Roy and I stood back.

The TicketLady would stop them....and she did.

Seriously, people! We had assigned seats....why be the first on the freakin' plane???? It doesn't make it take off any quicker!!

We were boarded onto a Triple had 7 seats was like being in a cattle car!! More Leg Room my ass!!!! That is one of the most miserable things I have voluntarily did in a long time. We were on it for 10 hours. But the real kick in the pants was I sat on one the middle..... and Roy sat directly behind me!!! He sat next to a woman and her travelling companion from Ohio that we will refer to from now on as his Girlfriends....They were really a great couple of gals. I don't know either's name becuz they got a kick outta being "The Girlfriends". One of them took our photo at the end of the cruise to say "This is the Husband I stole."

The OldHightowers were ahead of us...RoySr was seated dead center. He has a bladder problem. He had to climb over two people on either side of him to get to the lavatory.....he did this at least 20 times!! Roy looked up once to see him powerwalkin' around the the people at the mall!!! Roy just ducked his head....he was so embarrassed. I got up twice and Roy got up once.

We finally landed in Honolulu....took our time to get to baggage....and set the OldFolks down to wait while Roy and I went for the would be so much easier for us to buck the luggage than to have those two in the way.

We were loaded up on a bus and taken to the port. We saw our first of many beautiful!!

'nuff for today.

And now the freakin' thing won't let me add pix!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Hightowers Go To Hawaii...

I hope you're ready for this!! I have enough material to last a freakin' month!!!

And so it goes....

On Jan 31st it snowed!! I'm talkin' 8 inches!! I was greatly concerned about goin' to Chicago!! I looked up the flight delays for O'Hare and it was 5 freakin' hours!!!!

The CatCamp Councelor was concerned also!! He called to say his driveway was impassible!! We took them over a day early as the next morning all that snow would be frozen!!!

By the time we left on Feb 1st the delay for Chicago was down to 2 1/2 hours!!!!!!

From the moment we walked in the Old Hightowers home, we prepped them for Security. They haven't traveled since 9/11 and so many things have changed. Roy went thru the carry-on bag. And I went thru the Old Lady's purse.....let's from now on call her QueenVictoria....and keep thinkin' about the phrase..."We Are Not Amused!"....Becuz that's what I was dealin' with!!!

I don't know how many times I told her that she couldn't take something...bottled many times do I have to explain that..... in her purse and turn right around and have her put it back in!!! It's was like a small child that you had to tell "do not put your finger in the light socket" only for them to do it!!!

OVER AND OVER....becuz they liked being shocked???!!!!

A week before we were scheduled to leave, I received a letter saying she had a credit card that was set to only allow $1000 a day.....what???? Who has such a low limit???
I don't know how many times I told her you pay at the end of the cruise and it will be more than a thousand! I turned to Roy to explain to QV that she needed to up the limit. On Sunday, he called and explained it once more. She said she would take care of on Monday. Friday at 4:30, thirty minutes before the bank closes, the day before we fly off to Paradise.....she had not done it!!!!!

She was on the phone for for 20 minutes and talked to 3 different people to get it changed.....and it involved RoySr....which is not a good thing.....I'd rather have a root canal!!

Later in the evening, someone had the Bright Idea to call Will Rogers World Airport to see just how far in advance we needed to be there to catch our flight....QueenVicky wanted to sleep 30 more minutes....Oh Just Shoot Me Now!!!!!!!!

After 1 hour on the phone with the automated United Flight Checker Thingy...Roy heard once that the flight was cancelled so a return phone call had to made to verify!!!!! I finally put my foot down and made him call the Information Desk at Freakin' Will Rogers World Airport and find out that we needed to be there 2 hours before out Flight!


So we arrive early enough to get put on an earlier flight.....which turned out to be a blessing! I had to push them thru security with Roy's help. For the most part I would tell them things in gentle tones and when that didn't work.....Roy barked orders!!
I may have had to whip the OldFolks thru OKC to get that earlier flight but we could take our time in Chicago!!!

And that's where we'll end..... for today.....There's more!!

So much more!!!

I can't get the Freakin' Spellcheck to overlook that!!