Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Worst NightMare.... EVER!!!!

It was awful!!
Let me try to tell you all about it....it's so horrible!!

You've been warned!!

I was sittin' on my couch....all alone....Roy was not in the room....only my Football Cat was with me. The TV was on....I remember hearin' the National Anthem and then everything went to shit!!!
My team....OU took the field.....but it wasn't them!!
It was that other team....the one that dresses in the Crimson and Cream..... that sometimes shows up and ruins the game....an easy game is lost to a NOBODY TEAM!!! They were the ones that punted after the first series!!!!

The Room was all hot....it started to spin!!

I saw the TV remote on the table in front of me...but I couldn't reach it. I tried to get it but I just couldn't...it was just beyond my finger tips!!
I sat there and watched....hopin' they would turn into the team that stomps the shit outta people!!
But No!!
I was glued to the couch watchin' the trainwreck that was my beloved team!!!
The Football Cat had abandoned me!! There was no playin' of his favorite song...Boomer Sooner!

All I wanted to do was throw up!!!!

Then....I think it must have been halftime....I heard The Pride of Oklahoma.....playin' "Oklahoma"....it stirred something deep inside my heart....it pulled at my inner Okie.

I found the strength to grab the remote and everything went blank!!!

I cuddled up next to Roy for comfort. "SSShhh, There there, sweet girl. That's why I don't watch OU at all. Go to sleep."

I may never watch another bowl game.....it's just too much for me!!


Mannyed said...

You know its bad when the football cat deserts you!

Proto said...

sniff, sniff

Jeankfl said...

I know.. it's just too much to bear when that "other" team comes out! Makes you want to ask them where the hell they were! Idiots...

MizAngie said...

OH MY GOD!!! I had almost the same exact dream. Except it was the Alamo Bowl and my Aggies stunk it up so bad I could smell it all the way up here!! Verrrrry traumatic. And I turned that shit off, too.

My boy at LSU got Offensive MVP!! I'm so proud of him. And the other boy from my hometown did a very sweet thing for a kid at St. Jude's.

Kendra said...

Next year, you'll have to come to the Fiesta Bowl. You can stay at my house, and we'll walk over there just in case the consolation margaritas get to be too numerous for driving.