Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pink Trumps Ralph!!!

It’s time to pack!!

Roy decided that we needed a new suitcase as the oldest one was fallin’ apart!
Cheap WalMart Crap!!
With the purchase being HIS idea…..this was gonna go very smooth!!
Shopping with him is not always pleasant!
TJMaxx…my new favorite store!!
We stood looking at all the luggage when heavens opened, small angels were flyin’ around singin’ “Halleluiah” as a ray of sunshine shone down THE PERFECT SUITCASE….EVER!!!
I prompted picked it and held it close to my chest.
Oh the feel of a PERFECTION…..oooooohhhh yeaaaaah!! I looked at Roy with big doe eyes, battin’ my lashes, in the softest “I‘m gonna get my way voice, “Oh Honey, It’s Ralph Lauren!!! And it’s RED!”
He looked at me with big doe eyes, battin’ his lashes, in his softest “hell no Baby voice“, “But Baby, It’s too small.”
It’s 25 inches!!!
The wrestling’ match over Ralph starts. When suddenly Roy stops…he knows better than to argue with me over something I WANT!
As the Angels and I gather our composure and I tighten my grip on Ralph. Roy says, “Baby! Look what I have!”
In his hands he is holding the BIGGEST PINK SUITCASE I have EVER SEEN!!!!!
I lovingly put Ralph back on the shelf and follow Roy outta the store…..totally happy!
Sorry Ralph!!!
It’s the simple things that make me happy.


Mannyed said...

Really? I dunno, I think I would've took the Ralph. Oh, long as your happy! When do you leave?

Miss Thystle said...

I have a whole set of luggage with the CUTEST little red cherries on them! It makes finding your suitcase so much easier when it's loud.

Darlene said...

Awwww, he knows you so well. I am terribly jealous. Just so you know.

We will miss you when you are gone on the trip.

Produceman said...

Thanks for your support! It has been alot of help. I'll keep trying. PMPM

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink!! You won't have any problems finding it that's for sure. Yeah it's got too be tough seeing all those cute critters all day. Everytime they bring one over I want to keep it OMG NO more!! Have a great trip can't wait for the pic's.

cybaby36 said...

test test

cybaby36 said...

WOW I can use my AOL sign in and now I'm not anonymous :-)

Proto said...

Simple, indeed.