Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Swear... That's What I Heard!!

As I was shoppin' yesterday at TJMAXX, I perusin' the shoes... What baragins!?!! When I overheard the followin' conversation....They were on one aisle and I was on another.

"Oh these are cute shoes." I thought a couple of kids.
"Do they come in my size?" Very clearly a mother's voice.
"Mom, What do they call high heels for boys?" Well, that summed that up....her son!

I thought was gonna choke on my gum!
And Mom was tryin' to ingore that one! But when a huge question must be answered such as this one...... VOLUME is needed.

"MoooooM! Mom!!! High Heels for boys, What are they called?"

People started to look in her direction!

I bit my lip...... His mother took him promptly from the shoe section!!

I was watchin' a show last night on CMT...20 Top Redneck Moments in History....quite interestin'!!
Foxworthy, NASCAR, DoubleWides and Mullets!!!
Now come on...admit it....you are amoungst friends....you had a mullet in the 80's.
It's only a crime if you still have one!!
I saw this guy on the last cruise.....October 2007......he looked just like Joe Dirt!! Complete with Chevy tattoo'd on his arm!!!
I used to cut my Exhubby's hair that way!
And bleach it brassy blonde with SunIn!!
It was wavy and so purdy!!! BillyRay Cirus's was shit compared to EarlLee's!
My brother's mullet didn't look all that purdy...it hung straight. He decided that he would just grow a RatTail.
Remember those? I have a cousin that still sports one....it hangs to his waist.
I have one from a young man.....he had a crush on me....a token of his love. He decided that when he cut his hair that he wanted me to have it.....his girlfriend hated me!!

Oh.....those were the days.
The ManHam....is not Roy. He's much taller with a way better ass!!


Erika said...

I remember rat tails. I still to this day see little boys with rat tails. It makes me want to cry and scream at their parents. It takes all kinds I guess.

Proto said...

always go for the better ass.

Katy said...

My hub had a rat tale when he was a little one. The pictures make me want to throw up! Ewwwww.

Mannyed said...

The Twin had a lil rat tail when he was really young. I don't think it lasted too long.

So, what do you call high heels for boys?

ZooKeeper said...

So...what do they call high-heels for boys? (Dammit Mannyed beat me to it.)

I never dated anyone who had a rat-tail or a mullet. Thank god I can spot a fashion faux pas a mile away. Umm...don't tell anyone I used to peg the legs of my jean..umm kay.