Sunday, January 20, 2008


Some people thrush a fist in the air.... "Yes!"
Some people throw both arms in the air...."Touchdowwwwnn!"

I jump back and throw my hands up like I just finished hog-tyin' a calf....stop the clock!

Since I am no longer workin', I have to pay for pet care....most importantly....Boarding! With the trip coming up, I had to call around and find the cheapest place but one I felt comfortable with....and they wanted a Vaccination Certificate!

I made an appointment to take the cats to vet for a Rabies shot. Roy was not thrilled about it! After his adventures of gettin' the little beasts rounded up to take them to must click here.
Can you blame him??

The morning of the appointment, I got up and tried to conduct business as usual, but Roy wanted to talk about the game plan.
I didn't! "Not in front of them!"
I told him how we were gonna crate them up.... Not to worry.
They're pretty damn smart!
Maybe it was the tension but they started to freak! I made breakfast and the cats started to was under the tub!!
He put Monster and George in the CatRoom, but he kept sayin' this is so bad. "You'll see!"
I sat down to eat my eggs and bacon at 7:15 after puttin' Jax in a crate.
Roy asked what time our appointment was for at 7:25.
"We aren't gonna make it!"
I picked up my plate and took it to the kitchen, walked to the bedroom and rattled the doorknob and Manny came runnin'!!
He is so spoiled!!
He has been sleepin' with me and Roy. So I tricked him!!
I scooped him up and opened up the carrier that Jax was in.....he ran out as I shoved Manny in! Jax run into the bathroom and under the tub!!

Plan B:

I got down on the floor and grabbed Jax by the back leg and hauled him out from under the tub and gave him to Roy. "Put in with Manny."
And I went back under for Woobie. Roy was pretty quick in gettin' back and He grabbed her tail over the top and I had her leg....he let go and I drug her out and carried her to the crates!
Roy had put Jax in the wrong crate!
So I had to rearranged them! Tipped the crates ups which puts the cat at the bottom and put Woobie in tail first in with Manny. Grabbed up Jax from his crate and put him in the proper one and told Roy to go get George.
I went for Monster. I put him with Jax and Roy shoved George into his crate!

I jumped back and threw my hands up in the 7:33!!!

Yes, I am a smartass!!

And Roy said, "They won't fall for the again! And it helps to have two people doin' it!"

12 days to go!!


MizAngie said...

Cat Wranglers! I've always been told there's nothin' harder than trying to herd cats. I guess they hadn't met you!

Watching this Packers game makes me hurt. How can they play in that cold? Brrrrr.....

Jeankfl said...

I have issues with getting all three in.. I have to catch the smart one first!! Then the slippery one, then the big, stupid one!! Bro gets in a corner and because he can't see me, he thinks I can't see him!!! Dumb cats..

barnyardmama said...

I have trouble getting one dog and one cat off to the vet. A friend of mine used to pick up cats and throw them in pillow cases to take to the vet. Brave girl.

Beth said...

Never a dull moment huh !!!! Cats can sure be sneaky cant they! So where are you going this time?

Produceman said...

Cats can be sooo much fun! I let my wife take the cats to the Vet. One at a time for her. I'm in charge of the easy!! PMPM

Anonymous said...

Your not working? how did I miss that? I think I'll buy stock in bon bons.


Mannyed said...

Are you going to board them in the place where you used to work?

Cat wrangling is hard work! They are so darn tricky! Especially cats named Manny!

Ace said...

Lol, I love reading your crazy stream of consciousness stories. Although I could do without the man-ham on the home page, yuk!