Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 Favorite Blonde Movies

1) Clueless: An updated version of Emma....which is a super movie....Emma with Gwyneth. Clueless is just mindless dribble...."Rollin' with my Homies"

"Try driving on the right side of the road.......You try driving in Platform heels!"

" My plastic surgeon doesn't want me to do anything that has balls flying at my nose."

Sums up my whole life!
As If!!

2) Legally Blonde: I love it!!! Reese Witherspoon...she's so perky!!

"You're Breaking up with Me? What? Am I too blonde? My boobs are too big?"

I started puttin' pink in my wardrobe after that movie came out. Up to that point it was mostly black.

3) Bridget Jones Diary: She blonde with a way of gettin' into odd situations....hhhmmmm....

She looks so cute in her bunny suit!!
Just as I do!!

Honorable mention: Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

"Tucson Here we come! Wooooo!"

Michelle is usin' one of those things that we used to play with to tell our paper toys could do that....I'm not livin' Florida on the beach with Scott Baio!

But anyway, She is seekin' the power of the paper to see who she will sleep with at the Reunion!!

Is that how people see a reunion a make love connection.... or rather.... do that one person you wish you had???

Do you have THAT ONE person in mind??

In High School, my friend and I were doin' a project in AgClass with the Kinneygardeners and we were makin' "ribbons". While we were at it, we made a special one for a classmate. He was so cute. I had known him since 3rd grade and we all had had a crush on him at some point over the years....I had a cat named after him.

The "ribbon" we made him was called "The Big Rooster Award". That way he could wear it proudly as he walked down the hallways as he did his other great attribute.....he was very well endowed!!

None of us girls had actually seen it but what we could see was well worth the "Award".

Later in life...after high school...My friend ran into him at a club in Tulsa and he was hittin' on her and she turned him down!!

"What?!!? Why??!!"
"It was Waynie! He's like a brother. I just couldn't do it!"
In the 6th grade she was singin' a different tune!!

Another friend had a similar encounter....and actually had him on her couch....and she didn't either!!

"It's Waynie!!"


He stopped by the store I worked and gave me a come see him work....and I didn't!
He was a stripper.....even hotter than in school!!
But I had just gotten into a serious grown up relationship with Roy.
Roy comes first.....way above the team!

We will never know about "The Big Rooster"....first hand! He's stuff was buff!

So there you have it.


Proto said...

Cute stuff.

Jeankfl said...

Don't we all have one of those "wish I'd tried"? You should have gone to see him strip, though.. that's not the same as having to do it!

MizAngie said...

Wellll, Nadine. I didn't go to your school but I would be proud to take one for your team and then report back to all you girls about Waynie's Wang. He's probably gay. Aren't all male strippers gay? I heard that somewhere...

Beth said...

Too funny..........What have you been up to lately and arent you getting ready for a trip?

Mannyed said...


I love all those movies, except for the Bridget Jones one....I never got around to checking it out.

Safe trip, chica!

barnyardmama said...

Legally Blonde is my guiding movie. I think that the way to live your life is written right there. I told my uncle that and he asked what message it was trying to impart. I said, "doing what you want in life while wearing great clothes." Who can't get on board with that?