Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thank You, Ladies!!

You have been so kind with the thoughtful emails.....Deep breathe.....Time to move on......

My wonderful hubby...the one that has me high upon a marble pedestal...has some serious doubts about my drivin' abilities!
There was an accident not far from our home. He could see it from an intersection east of our house. His first impulse was to call make sure it wasn't me!
Then he thought, "She won't answer her phone anyway, and that will just make me freak, so what's the point and if it is her, there isn't anything I can do about it."
Seriously, I wouldn't have heard the phone ring. It's buried deep in my purse and I can't hear it! He has told me time and again to carry it with me but that is so annoyin'!!
So after gettin' away from the fellas, he hurries thru town....but....he needs to get the mail. "If you were in a wreck, there isn't anything I can do about it."
So he stopped and picked up the mail!!

It's okay, I'm used to fallin' off that pedestal!!

But it begins to eat at him!
He can see the flashin' lights from another intersection....he really wants to go down there and make sure it's not me.
But he knows how annoyin' it is to have people in the way when the ProCops and EMTs are tryin' to do their jobs.....Oh I really wish I could tell you THOSE tales!!!!
He just heads to the house, but make the decision that "IF" my car isn't in the driveway, he gonna down there!!!

Of course I was home the whole time!!

He says, "Hey Babe, How long have you been home?"
I wasn't real sure, "Maybe 30 minutes. Why?"
"Did you see that wreck on your way home?"
"Right on YOUR route home!"

The light switches on!!!
It all becomes very clear to me!!!

"Hey! I have been home since 3:30!"
It was 5ish!!!
"I didn't cause that wreck on my way home!!"

He grinned! "Are you sure?"

Kiss My Ass Roy!!


Mannyed said...

That's love!! :o)

Beth said...

Glad to see you back to your normal self and i am glad it wasnt you. Hubby is a good man and loves love !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back up on the pedistal you go sweet lady !!!!

Beth said...

Hey you surviving the ice storm out your way !!!! Hope all is well with you !!!!!!!!!!! Thought of you as soon as i saw the news reports......check in please !!!!

MizAngie said...

Hmmm... I think I'll start a pool for how long it's gonna take you and Roy to either divorce or kill each other now that you're retired. Ha!! Anybody wanna place their bets???

Miss Thystle said...

I'm sure you're an excellent driver, but since I share Roy's nerousis on this issue, I'm going to side with him this time!

Snuggle up with a hot toddy and Ralphie and wait out the storm some where safe and warm!!

RRB-Cindy said...

Hubby's...sometimes you just want to bitch slap them, huh?
Glad that it wasn't you though and at least it did cross his mind that it may have been you. Mine would've thought nothing of it.
Stay warm & safe! I assume you got some of that storm?