Monday, December 31, 2007

Saturday With HappyFamily

Roy's hunting buddy and his wife ...the HappyFamily....wanted to take the kids to Branson for one last trip to SilverDollarCity and to ride the GoKarts....we were invited to tag along.
Once again Roy was not so thrilled about it.
The Patriots were playing on the NFL Network..... "It's historic!!" he cried!

If we left by 5:00 we could be home in time to watch the game.....he was appeased!
That's what life's all about....gettin' along and makin' compromises....right?
We were given a walkie talkie.....set out at 8:30.

I'm not too thrilled about goin' over just to ride GoKarts.
I had two when I was a kid...I was 12. I was pretty good at rollin' one of them. The first time was scary!! No broken the 16 million times after that....that was the main goal!
And when the girls lived at home, we took them to ride all the time. It was fun to race them....but the thrill is gone!
It evokes heartbreakin' memories.....And that's all we're gonna say about that.
Yep, the thrill is gone.

After drivin' over thru the Pig Trails of the Ozark Mountains for two freakin' hours at TOP the driver's abilities, road condictions and SPEED....GoKarts....can't even compare!

Roy gigglin', "That was fun!"
"Maybe for the driver....but for the passenger.....NOT SO MUCH!!!"
There was a cry from the followin' car, "Is your wife as sick as mine?"

It's his own fault...he could have led the way!!

Once we found a place that was opened....Roy pulled his wallet out to pay for a pass to ride the GoKarts. I told him "DO NOT buy any for me. I have no desire to ride." But after the MrsHappyFamily rode once with the one child that couldn't ride alone....guess who was involuntarily volunteered????
I refuse to be a wet blanket so I did it. I am only 8 inches taller than she is....I could barely reach the gas pedal!!

The children and many adults that have never had heard of it....learned in great detail about wind chill. I have to admit it wasn't so bad. It was only about 38 degrees and the GoKarts speed was maybe 15mph....if wind chill was about 29 degrees.
I have been in worse. Roy and I rode to Tulsa for a ToyRun one year it was 25 degrees and at 80 mph that makes the wind chill 8 below zero!! 115 miles!!!
It was for the give a cheap toy for Toys for Tots.....we haven't done it since.

And we were put in the slowest one on the track.....we were lapped by everyone twice! I am not one to go slow.....I have the gas mashed for all it's worth all the time.....sort of a metaphor for my life....huh??
The child was havin' with the flow!
The red light comes on and we all have to exit....I did so good at parkin' my cart. I didn't even tap the one in front of me. But the lousy bitch behind me...must have slammed us at full force!!!
The little girl squealed and I squealed....and that lousy funny...haha....NOT!

Like did you just get your driver's license???
Do you slam into people at the bank in the drive thru???

Deep breath.....don't make a scene...... there are children present... don't teach them new words!
I didn't ride again.

We made a the trip to SilverDollarCity at about 12:30....walked around...they rode some 3:50 we said our good byes....and drove a nice comfortable speed.

By the time we got to Neosho.... 6:00, it dawned on us that we need to hump it or we aren't gonna make it by 7:00!!!
We wanted a Bucket of Orginal Recipe and some Dr Pepper!!
We pulled in the driveway at 6:50!
Game on!!
If you haven't watched the NFL Network, you are missin' out!! They are the only network to show someone singin' the National Anthem before the game!!!
Remember way back when they used to do that all the every, baseball, and if they did it for Basketball I would not know....we didn't watch so much basketball...the tallest person in the family was 5'7"!
Basketball was not "HIGH" on our list of sports.
NFL Network is SO COOL!!
Sure they have obnoxious announcers but showing the National Anthem...such a neat touch that has been missin'.

I wish you happiness and good fortune in the new year....Big Okie Hugs!


Darlene said...

Ewwwww...the Giants almost won...LOL.

Perfect Season Patriots! YAY!

Glad you got home in time. See ya next year!

Mannyed said...

Hmm...I watched the Giants game on Channel 4 and they played the national athem...I remember cause the singer was pretty much inaudible. Crazy game.

Happy New Year!!

MizAngie said...

Damn Giants! It drives me NUTS that the broadcasters replay the same game highlights over and over instead of showing the college bands, pre-game festivities, etc. I also enjoy hearing a good rendition of the national anthem but it's awful when somebody screws it up or stylizes it too much. Am I picky or WHAT?

Sleep tight tonight after pickling yourself in alcohol and having some NYE sex...bitch...

Grandmother Witch said...

Wow the pink flames are awesome! Also I just have to say that I like the NFL network, but I confess that I was cheering for the Giants, but I am happy for Roy that his team went the regular season undefeated. I was disappointed that the Hawks couldn't beat the Falcons Sunday, but then Holmgren took the first string out. Okay have a Happy New Year and let's bring on the playoffs.

jeankfl said...

Happy New Years, Nadine! I pray you have an even better 2008 than your 2007! Glad you made it for the game.. you probably wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere around if you'd missed that!LOL Thanks for becoming my spaces friend this year.. Hug Roy extra at midnight! *giggle* like you need coaching for that!

Beth said...

Happy New Year,

that was a gret game and i thought the Giants just might pull off an upset. We have the NFL network and i love it.
Have a great week

Proto said...

Go Karts are cool, when it's one vs the rest of the field. Malibu racing car tracks were better. I still have a nearly thirty year old license for one of those places. Don't like the NFL network announcers? Then put ESPN radio announcers through your home theater system. That only gets confusing during commercials when watching one and listening to another.

Mercy said...

I say next year, "GAME ON" to Mrshappyfamily and perhaps you could bring water balloons to the gokart place!

hehehehe....mmmmm....sweet revenge!

Anonymous said...

Pat's should have lost that game, I hope they go down in the play-offs he-he guess you figured out I'm not a fan. I gave mom-in-law a cell phone only to have it returned she couldn't operate it so I know what you mean LOL.
Happy New Year!!

bETH said...

Hey...........are you the one sending the cold air here, is so please send some snow with it next time lol.Its too cold to not have anything to show for it !!! WE ARE IN THE SOUTH AND IT WAS 16 DEGREES WHEN I GOT UP !!!!!!

Sherrie said...

Hope you had an awesome New Years!!


dawn said...

Hey Nadine.....

Happy New Year...

Just doing a fly by trying to catch up on the way I couldn't stay away...I had to blog...I missed it to much.