Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Love and 'possums...

It was late at night and Roy was puttin' on his boots.....I know what that means.

"Honey, what are you doin'?"

He tried to look stern but just could NOT hide the grin, "Just go to bed!"

I know exactly what he's thinkin' about doin'!

He continues to put on his boots, "And don't you go scare off that big fat opossum!"

I do not ever do what I'm told!

And there he was a big old fat opossum that has been eatin' the cat food!

"I asked you if you needed cat food when we were in town!"

He just grinned even bigger. He has every intention of "dispatchin'" that opossum!

"And you are not doin' anything to it! It's not doin' anything that a opossum isn't supposed to do!"
He knows better than to mess with me and my critters!!

He came into the kitchen where I was watchin' the that big fat opossum eat the precious cat food....he was barefoot....he grabbed the broom. He was growlin' as he ran across the yard...both Roy and the opossum!!!

"The things I do for you!" and "This just goes against all I live for!!" were the only two things I could make out!


For the Opossum story....Chapter 1

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barnyardmama said...

That thing is just scary looking. I don't believe in killing furries, though. I had to go back and refresh the opossum stories--I know I'd read some of it, but I'm not sure if I'd gotten all of it. Anyway, LSU is going to championship, but even I don't believe it. The TV keeps talking about how exciting college football has been this season, but frankly, I think that the teams have been disappointing. How else do you explain a two loss team making it to the Championship? The whole thing is senseless.

Anonymous said...

I wee you have your possum-catching gloves on, and I reccommend leather welding gloves...those guys got needle-teeth no doubt.

I love the way they growl and are definately mean as the bottom of the swamp's food chain and rats as much as muskrats are rats...a bad rep those rats have.

But I hunted everything, then had three "don't shoot Bambi daddy" girls...and there went a fabulous gun collection...took my camera instead..spent another million.

A great story for sure. Soon, it will be no guns anywhere but with intense controls and only harvest hunting if any.

Too bad, so sad, your dad...to them I mean...those are my animals in fact that I saved for looking at....David.