Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Still A Bit Freaked!!

When tragedy happens, the first thing that we think about is, "I hope it's not someone I know." Or "I'm glad it's not you." but it did happen to someone.
I want to know them.
I do not want to see the killer's face on TV.
People!! That is what he be famous!
He wanted us to know his name!
And that's how it one person from the Murrah Building bombing.
Name one from the Twin Towers....or Flight 93.
You can't....If you are out here on the fringes like me.
If you are directly touched by one those tragedies you see their faces....and what a great person they were....and you miss them dearly.
But out here on the fringes we know "9/11", or "Hurricane Katrina"....not one certain face...not the innocent victim or flood victim.....though I do see that fireman carrying that baby out of the Murrah Building and I remember another man.
He was a police officer that was overwhelmed by the events of the day, he stopped what he was doing and leaned over a SUV and covered his face....I have always wondered about him. I have always wanted to give him a hug.
He needed one at that moment.

My brain is full crap! And none of this makes any sense........I think I just want to go crawl under my bed....and cry.

Is there really a safe place??

I need an email from one more person and I think I'll be back to my normal frivolous self.

And then again maybe not....


Susan said...

What's got you down pretty lady? You are usually so upbeat and funny it is weird to see something like this. But it's cool.. Show's that you are human.. Hope your spirits are up now.. and remember it's Friday.. Course that doesn't matter a hill of beans to a retired lady I guess...

MIss Thystle said...

You know what? I do remember the name of one of the OK bombings victims, her name was Baylee and she was the baby shown around the world in the arms of the fireman, one little sock missing for her precious little foot. I was eight months pregnant at the time and I almost named M for her, because she just broke my heart.

But I know what you mean, so often, especially in the US we glorify the criminal instead of the victims.

I heart you, and here's a (hug) because I think YOU need one today.

MizAngie said...

Shoot! I wish I had read this yesterday so I coulda emailed you. I totally agree with what you posted. I wish they wouldn't give the killer so much press. The guy at Virginia Tech said the same thing - remember? He wanted to be famous, wanted attention. That's some scary, scary shit.

Beth said...

A person who seeks such attention and uses violence and deadly measures to achieve that is suffering themself, no normal happy person would do such things.It is natural to want to know who the person is that could do such a thing yet when we hear on the news over and over about the person, it gives them jsut what they were seeking. This is a time of year that those who are depressed and unhappy tend to sink deeper in that hole. It is sad when thier actions affect so many others.
I hope you are feeling better today.

Jeankfl said...

Yeah.. I'd crawl under the bed with you, but I gotta dance! I got a new niece! That's the way life is.. there are tradgedy's every where, everyday.. and there's births everyday, too. Hope you perk up..

Sherrie said...

How bout a hug? I still have plenty of those tucked away ~hugs~