Friday, December 28, 2007

5 WEEKS!!!!

To the Hawaii trip....Woo Hoo!!!

Roy is not as enthused!
In his mind this is a babysitting trip. RoySr is 84 and his mother will be 80 in January. They are not what they used to be....are any of us??
I gave his mother a digital camera.....The simplest camera I found. It would have to be very simple to use to bring her in the digital age. She is still using a camera she bought in the 70's and there is nothin' wrong with it but we are dealin' with people that do not take a picture needlessly. That would wastin' the film! I don't see her goin' back to Hawaii and I firmly believe in taking pictures and holding a memory forever.
I can see her having only 4 rolls of film for a 2 weeks trip of a lifetime, becuz anything more would be too costly to develop!!
When Roy and I were married, we were gone 5 days we used 5 rolls of film.
When we went to DisneyWorld we used 8 rolls!!
We have 5 or 6 albums just full of everything we do!! When digital cameras came!! We could take all the photos we wanted and develop the ones we wanted and delete the odd ones....What a way to go!!
I hate those people that stand there at WalMart goin' thru their pictures and give back the ones that THEY took becuz they aren't good enough and they do not want to buy them. Somehow that is just cheatin'.
And THE most heinous of crimes is when WalMart employee takes it upon themselves to cull my pictures!!!!!! They were a bit dark so they thought I shouldn't have them some grief and time.
NO GRIEF WAS SAVED....and the time it took for me to run them thru the wringer...gone!!!

NOBODY CULLS the first pictures taken of my grandbaby!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway....I gave her the simplest camera. She took some photos and we had a few lessons on deleting the bad ones. She's a sharp woman...she has a college degree....but the concept of deleting was beyond her....I was very patient with her.....she types on an old typewriter for pete's sake!!
After we came home Roy called to say we made was snowin' pretty hard in OKC. And she told him she just couldn't deal with the camera. Roy told her not to sell it in a garage sale but to give it back to me.


I told Roy if we divided them.... we can conqueror them!
He can handle his father....I don't do grumpy old men!
And I can handle his mother....after dealing with the MerryWidow for the last 3 years.....Roy's mother is a walk in the park!!


ITChick said...

WTG Nadine! Old people really can learn to use gadgets, it just takes someone with patience and alot of time to hold their hand. Baby steps, I say.

Walmart 'culls' your pictures? Is that even legal? I'd be ticked off, too.

Yay for 5 weeks!

Magick said...

Hi Nadine:
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I did, even though I was worried it would be awful because both of my boys were away for Christmas. It was very quiet and pleasant.
LOL...I'm with Roy's Mom....I still use an ''old-fashioned'' camera. You can keep those digital things.
Hugs and Love,

kfarm said...

Well I would babysit to go on a trip of any kind. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

MizAngie said...

Hey, Girl! I bought myself a digital camera this year and I feel almost as overwhelmed as Roy's mom. Ha!! It would help if I could see worth a shit. I have to use magnifiers to read, but have to take them off to see anything further away than my hands - so I'm constantly putting glasses on and off. Makes taking pictures kinda difficult. But I will rise to the occasion...or throw the f*ckin' thang out the window...

jeankfl said...

Hey, I got my mom using a cell phone, AND a digital camera!! So I know you can get her doing it. Just delete for her and don't teach her anything but point and shoot, right now. Then you can go back and do more lessons. I'm still teaching mom stuff about the phone after 1 1/2 years!! They just don't learn easily..