Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What To Do Now?

Now, Roy is concerned that all I'll do is sit around watchin' TV and eatin' chocolate bonbons....I will!
But I'll pace myself!!

I thought I would start......and this hurts me as much as it does you.....I hate to say it...or type it rather....exercisin'!!
I'm dizzy now.....let me sit down....

Freak me out!!! I don't know what the hell I did but I posted without.....shit I don't know......see!!

The thought of exercisin' just make me crazy! Or No More Cats On The PC!!

Part of my Exercisin' Program involves walkin'.....start small.....really small. I thought I would just walk a couple miles with the dogs. I bought Ralph a leash and halter becuz he acts like a maniac....he's a pill! Trixie will stick right with me....she's a good dog.....but Ralph runs all over and turns totally deaf!!

The louder I yell the faster he runs!!

I suited up with my OU my pride.....and headed out with my leash. I fitted Ralph with his halter....that was a wrasslin' match...I took off my hoodie becuz I broke a sweat!

So we headed out!
I am gonna walk 2 miles!!

Grand Plans!!
Our property is my walkin' track! It's sloped!

3/4 of the way down hill and the last 1/4 is all up's steep....not rock-climbin' steep but kill the FatChick steep!!
The first lap, I was draggin' Ralph!
Image a dog at the end of a leash....chewin' on the lead.......rollin' like a log.....with me pullin' him!! Trixie was walkin' right beside me.....she's a good dog!

By the time I got around to the steep part Ralph would run ahead of me and sit down wait for ahead and sit down.....he did this all the way up the hill.

Lap 2...He got into a groove and went with the flow.....he walked beside Trixie....she wasn't crazy about the leash at would touch her and she would run as if to say, "Fool! Get away from me with that thing! I see what it does to you!"

Lap 3...We all had our pace worked the time I get around to the steep part of the walk, my bad foot is limpin' bad and all tingly!!
I'm doin' my best not to stop....I have to make another lap!

Lap 4....the feelin' is back into my bad foot but the pain in my chest is worse.....time to call it quits!!

For the first time ever Ralph stood at the gate to the dog pen and wanted in....he is such a pill!!! He went in without a fuss....Trixie walked right like always....she's a good dog!!
That was 1 mile!
And I would name it Ralph!!


Erika said...

To get rid of your tingly foot feeling, stretch your calves really well. I used to get that when my calves weren't properly stretched before my run. Good idea on starting slow, you'll stick with it that way. Keep it up!!

cathy said...

Hi OMG I'm tired just reading about your exercise routine. Keep it up soon you'll be able to keep up with Ralph LOl. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hows it feel too sleep in and do whatever you want all day? I'm jealous I so enjoyed the 4 day Holiday. I'm almost done shopping got a bunch of great deals on Black Friday, and believe me it was a mad house out their, but worth it, got Cory a Laptop combination 21st b-day and Christmas gift, I'm done with him and his gf, need to get hubby a few more things and that's it. Well hope you find something to keep you busy/happy. TTYL

Mercy said...

Sounds like good ole Ralph needs a pinch collar, some dogs just plain need them, I had a dalmatian once and walking her was SUCH the pain in the ass...after the pinch she was heaven and eventually she got a regular leash!

I'm working out to girlfriend! Keep it up!!!

Proto said...

Good dogs,
well, mostly.
Ask Roy for a few grand to re-do the kitchen walls, that will shut him up about the bon-bons.

Dawn said...

well ya gotta start when farther then I would've....hee hee.

cindy said...

I cannot believe you said the E word! I start out determined as hell to get my ass on the treadmill and I do good for about 2 weeks and then it's to hell with it!
Your doggies are soooo cute!

I didn't know you quit or lost or whatever your job...I would have done the same thing probably if they would have called me...well depends on why I left anyway.

I am a hunting widow also. Too bad you guys live so far, we have a friend that has a processing company that makes THE best deer jalapeno cheese summer sausage & jalapeno cheese smoke links in Ponder!

I am lazy and answering all the blogs I read on here..hehehe. Sorry it has been awhile since I have been by. I didn't know you had a guest book until now! I will try to leave you a picture tomorrow. The only one I have on this computer is the one that I am using as my profile. I know you are probably sick of seeing that by now.

Take care girl!

MizAngie said...

Whew! I'm tired just readin' about you exercisin'. I better have a cold beer to hydrate. Ha!!

Darlene Butts said...

U go girl! I know you can do it.

Now I get to go catch up on all of your other posts.

So....if you need me....well, you know. LOL!

barnyardmama said...

I don't think two miles is starting slow. I HATE exercise--that's probably why I still have ten baby pounds to lose. Luckily, my Gazelle came out of storage--it's the only way I'll ever lose any weight.