Friday, November 23, 2007

The Trail of Deers.....

OH! LORD! HELP!! ME!!!!!

My dear, sweet hubby is totally and genuinely......fanatically a deer hunter!! He is really good at it. He normally tags out first of opening season. 3 years in a row...since we've been married. For all forms of huntin'...archery, black powder, and rifle. He would either shoot both a buck and a doe opening mornin' or one in the mornin' hunt and the other in the evenin' hunt.....and he was done!
6 deer every year for 3 years.....and then he quit.

I'm can't remember why. But he quit for 2 years.....he started again last year. 6 deer like normal. It caused a big stink between the land owner....which is a very good friend of ours and his brother......which is not a good friend! The brother said, "I don't want Roy to hunt! He shoots EVERYTHING!!"

He shot 6 deer! That was the limit....he shot 2 on opening powder....rifle....and he was done!

This year it was different. He didn't want to go thru the drama of the brother so he didn't even think about huntin'. And when I scheduled our cruise for the entire week of black powder he just cancelled the whole season in his mind.

I don't really know what happened....whether it was GuyTalk or the huntin' shows but he decided he wanted to hunt when we returned from the cruise......that rabid hunter inside him wanted go hunting!
So for days that is all he's done.....prep for huntin'. No trashed has been handled, the tator peelin's haven't been handled....I haven't been handled! I am a Huntin' Widow!!

You've heard it before....and I shake my every time I say it, but....."Huntin' is better than sex!"

So here we are, several days into rifle season and no's driving him crazy!! He called his mother to postpone Thanksgiving Dinner for the ENTIRE FAMILY one hour so he could hunt Thanksgiving morning!!!!

He's a nut about huntin'!!!

He called at 7:30 to say he got his buck!!

And I had to go to the HunterCheckStation to take pictures to save it with me, class...roll yours eyes!!!

All the way to OKC, it was tellin' and retellin' and tellin' and retellin' of the deer.....the shot....the final run.....and the fall.....the tumble......and the final drop!

There were phone calls to all his friends.

ALL! THE WAY!! TO OKC!!!!!! 200 MILES!!!! The Trail of Deers!!!!

Then after we arrived all of those people had to hear the story.

And as we get on the Turner Turnpike to come home he said, "I'm just Thrilled about this deer!But apparently, I'm not speechless!!!"


And he talked about it all the 200 miles back home!!!

Nice Buck!
He wants to duct tape my video camera to his rifle to film the shot....roll your eyes!!


mannyed said...

i think i just threw up a lil in my mouth. poor, poor, bambi!

barnyardmama said...

You are cracking me up this week--rings on your toes again!

I'm sorry you're a hunting widow. It's interesting how extreme people get about it. I don't do hunting--when people tell me hunting stories I cry which is a bit of a buzz-kill.

Hooray for you! Retired. Sounds like a beautiful thing.

MizAngie said...

I know I'm supposed to see dead Bambi, but for some reason I'm seeing a big pot of steaming venison chili. Ha!!

kfarm said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wish he could have killed the deer that caused my kids friend to be dead after the car she was riding in hit a deer and then was struck by a tractor-trailer. What a week this has been.