Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tingly Foot Story...

Yes, there's a story about the Tingly feelin' in my foot. Erika, I don't doubt that there needs to be stretchin'....lots of stretchin'.....before I start walkin' but my foot has a problem.

Many years ago I worked at a convenience's where I got Roy....Click Here. It's a fairly easy job....if you overlook the armed robberies....I didn't have to worry about that. It was like I had my own private security many cops came and went.

Anyway, one of my jobs was to stock the, pop and Gatorade was the biggest sellers. One day while stockin' pop, I picked up a 6 pack and 2 bottles dropped out of the holder. I didn't want the bottles to break so I stuck my foot out for the bottles to drop on.....that first one hit my ankle just right that it caused a huge goose egg to instantly rise....the second bottle hit the first one and shattered......I just stood there in the pop and broken glass for a few seconds...thinkin' about what to do next.

Shit!! Go get the mop!!

Here's where it got all wonky.....I couldn't move my left foot!

It was like it was glued to the floor! I could not pick it my brain couldn't make the foot move. I twisted so that I could pull it...and the knot broke open...and blood started seepin' on my socks.....I could drag the foot so I drug it out of the cooler.

By now people are startin' to realize that I have a problem. Roy was called.....he and I were each other.....and I was taken to the ER. They...nurses and the doctors.... let me lay on the gurney in the ER for 20-30 minutes......they didn't know what to do with me.....Roy was standin' there in uniform and they thought he was takin' a "statement" from me.....seriously!!

I might not have been in a lot of pain but I was not happy!! That was when Roy started tellin' me to calm down.....and to this day.....he still does!!

Then some dumb doctor couldn't see anything wrong with it...nothing showed up on an x-ray.... so there wasn't anything done to it other than 3 stitches.....without anything to deaden it. I couldn't feel anything or move it so she didn't see the need to deaden it!!!

I felt every poke of that needle!!!

Bitch!! Don't make me get the Flyin' Monkeys!!

She said, "Haven't you had children?"

"They didn't come from my ankle! And THEY GAVE DRUGS!!!"

"Baby, Calm down!"

No pain killers, no physical therapy.....NOTHING!! Some how I had damaged a tendon and a hittin' an elbow but worse!

I walked for a week backwards...draggin' it!

So I have a slight limp. It's barely noticable until I walk a lot and the foot gets tired or wear flip flops....they don't make that classic's more like slap flop.

There's a tiny....wincy....scar right in the L of my ankle. If I put my feet together on the floor and tap my feet.....only the right one taps.

And there you have the Tingly Foot Story!


barnyardmama said...

I once got mad and hit a wall. I was young. Anyway, I'm a serious girl and don't know how to hit, so it was more like a slap. I hit my pinkie funny and to this day it has its tingly moments. Life just takes its toll on a body I guess.

Your story is better, BTW. Slapping a wall? How lame is that?

MizAngie said...

You wouldn't be as much fun without your little limp.

itchick said...

Ouch! That hurt just thinkin' about it. And I thought my big 'ole bunion was bad news. Not anymore.

Proto said...

Poor foot.
Where's that sports medicine doctor when you need one?
Only be calm when it's quite outside.

kfarm said...

Well I feel boring. My foot only tingles because of my bunion. Hey, why did you leave your job?

Beth said...

ok, that hurt just reading that. I bet the cold weather doesnt help matters either.
So how is all the free time going, getting any projects done?? maybe you should take up scrapbooking, i bet you could put some great stories in those books for generations to come!!! Now that would be something i would love to read !!! Have a great weekend.