Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Might as Well be Monday!!

Or any other day for that matter....it's just me!

After grooming two dogs....Fifi and Toto must be cleaned up for Thanksgiving....I am wet and hairy. I really want to change my smock.
I took glasses off and laid them on the desk.....now everything is blurry.....the last two pair of glasses I have had, CORRECTED the problem.....this pair....nothing....life is blurry without them!! UGH!!
Anyway, as I walk thru the clinic, I'm thinkin' about takin' the smock off.
Now I can't do that!
I would walkin' around shirtless....I don't want to get caught....again!
But now I need to pee.....and I damn sure don't want to get caught on the pot without my shirt...again!
And I don't like to use the toilet with a hairy smock.....that hair gets everywhere...and I can't see all that well so who knows how much freakin' dog hair is in my underwear......again!!!
So I hold it while I go thru the laundry room lookin' for a clean smock.....that one's too big....that one has a hole....why is that people want to put their finger in the holes in other people's clothes???
Crap! I need to do some laundry.
Shit! There's clothes in the machine.
Please....Oh Please!
Do not let there be towels in the dryer......Woo Hoo....something goes right!
So let's sum this up....so we are all on the same page....I need to pee and need a clean smock but instead I'm doing laundry....and I have NO IDEA where a clean smock is.....but water is runnin' in the machine.....so now I have to pee REALLY BAD!!!!
So I settle for a smock that is too big.....becuz I don't really want to have someone put their finger in the hole in the other......again!


MizAngie said...

Well, hello, Cranky Lou! Ha!! If I needed to pee and started the washer I would have to put my pants in the dryer instead of the smocks. Once I hit fifty...ugh...

I only have to work a coupla hours tomorrow. Woo-hooooo!!!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

mannyed said...

all in a day's work!

happy thanksgiving!