Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smell That Smell???

When Roy came in Saturday night from hunting, I waited patiently for him in the kitchen. I listened to the hunting report. I thought he looked better than he did the night before.....He was sick!! He had acquired a nasty cold but was determined to go hunting anyway. He took some Nyquil and went to bed at 7!

I just listened and smiled.
Then it struck him oddly that I hadn't said anything.

"What?" Looking at me like some little kid that broke a window or nearly burnt the house down!
"Smell me." I could still smell smoke in my hair!
"I can't smell anything! Why?"


"Well I had a bit of trouble."
"What did you do?!?!"
"Can you smell smoke?"

"Yeah, I can smell that! I noticed it right off!!"

And then I confessed....and gave all the sorted details.....which lead to being chastised about why there was water in the stove.....Why there was logs on the front porch....Brother!!
I can't see that I did anything wrong and that I did what I thought was the best thing at the time! The same thing would have happened to him!!!
I tried to sidetrack him by telling him that the smoke detectors didn't go off at all.....He sets them off every time he cooks eggs!!
So I know that they work!
He cleaned out the damper......which had all kinds crap on it which clogged it up so there was no draw and the house filled with smoke!!! The chimney had draw....he tested that!
He's my only chimney sweep...and he doesn't do that unless I'm home. The last thing I need is for him to fall off the roof!

His last words to me before he went to bed last night was, "Do not put any wood in the fire!"


My "retirement" is going to fun...I can already see that!


MizAngie said...

Oh, Lord.

Jeankfl said...

I can't wait to hear all the stories.. Ready for this, Angie??LOL

Beth said...

LOL atleast it is an adventure LOL. So are you keeping warm ????

Anonymous said...

OMG where was the tequilla??? LOL damn I've only been gonna a few days and your life is changing in front of me.... Stay warm and smoke free, ha-ha

cathy said...

how come I came up anonymous LOL

Proto said...

Blink, blink