Monday, November 26, 2007

Roy's Love Affair....

"Honey, I have to know! It's a matter of a bitter divorce or a long and happy life together....but who did you call first? Which one us did you call to tell about the Buck first? Me or HIM????"

"You, Baby! Always you!! You come first! He doesn't mean a thing to me!"

My husband's huntin' buddy can not go huntin' without Roy! I think he has issues.
Well, I know he does but that's not the point here.
The point is he's always callin'!!
Sunday, he called 5 times!! Those two have spent the last 4 days together!!
All day Saturday they were the woods....AT MY HOUSE!!!
He and his wife are OSU fans so they came over to watch the Bedlam game....he and Roy sat on the loveseat for 3 hours talkin' about guns and huntin'!!!
There's a football game on!!!
Shut the Fuck up!!!

I'll be so happy when huntin' season is over!!


mannyed said...

aww -- you're a hunting widow!

Proto said...

bad enough being a hunting widow, had to talk during the game...

MizAngie said...

Couldn't you even get 'em to go outside? Grrrr! I go nuts if I'm trying to really hear a ballgame or movie or whatever. Hmmm...I wonder again why I live alone...