Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Road Trip To Galveston!

"Speed On Brother! Hell Ain't Half-Full"

That was the theme of the Road Trip!

I thought that was an actual quote that someone famous said that Roy had latched onto, but apparently it's just a bumper sticker!

Let's start with Dallas.

Roy and I are firm believers in takin' the LOOP around whatever city or town we are travelin' thru....around....becuz if you don't you wind up on some Historical Tour and you are stuck in that city for an extra 30 minutes. And 30 minutes drivin' around in some oddball town on vacation takes away from the fun....especially with Roy bitchin' about it!!

"Honest, Honey, it shows it goin' straight thru town. And I don't know why it's turned 6 times?"

WE always take the LOOP. Every city has one...even Paris, Texas! I strongly suggest takin' it!! Kansas City...A MUST!!!

So when we mapped out this last trip thru Dallas, Roy decided to take the LOOP....635. Though I am the Navigator, he wanted to take the LOOP....I suggested that we stay on 45 as it goes straight thru...several people suggested it but NO!!

I successfully got us onto 635E....which is tricky.....but no problem...You just read the signs.

But now we were drivin' into the sunrise!!

He couldn't see a thing!! And then the road took a little jog...just enough to make him exclaim, "Shit!"

Not once, not twice but 3 times!!

And it's wouldn't have been any big deal but the other lanes do the same thing and when you are drivin' 3 abreast at 75 and a car is suddenly in your lane..."Shit!" just comes out!

But the real kick in the head was the sign that read, "635 Ends"!!!!

"635 ENDS???!!! What do you mean 635 ENDS?!?!?!?"

"Do I look like I work for the Texas DOT?!!??!"

I didn't pick this route!!!

I just read the signs and the map!

It's not like we're goin' to drive off a cliff!!!

It just turns easily into 45!

All the way down to Galveston on 45. It's fast and easy. Easy enough to take a jog over to the Statue of Sam Houston....which isn't really as simple as it should be....Roy drove right past it despite me tellin' him to turn!

"Turn there!"


"Duh!! But now you're past it!"

"Why are we doin' this?"

"Becuz I have to pee and you need to stretch your legs!!"

"Who is Sam Houston anyway?"

"He's that guy that defeated that Mexican Dude. You know! Remember the Alamo!"

"OOOOOOOh.....It's just a place to stop and pee!!"

Then there's Houston!

There is a loop around the downtown area but we stayed with 45 and there were no problems....except for the HighSpeeders....90 or better! WE were pushed up to 75 and 80 and those HighSpeeders passed up like we were standing still!!

"Speed On Brother! Hell Ain't Half-Full!"

The other couple from HERE was about 30 minutes behind us and it took them 3 hours to go from Houston to Galveston becuz of a wreck caused by the HighSpeeders!!! We made it to Galveston at Noon and they didn't make until almost 4!!!

WE mapped out the loop for the trip by pass those Houston HighSpeeders!!

I Love My Country Life!!

Roy said, "Next time, we're drivin' thru Dallas at night!"



Anonymous said...

LOL, driving thru Dallas can drive a person drink....hell why do you think I do? And I don't even have to drive anywhere near downtown, if I did I would really be an alcoholic!
Glad that you all made it back safely!
p.s. hope you got my reply about the pics!

Proto said...

There could be a next time. The best town with a loop is San Antonio, because there is no way one can make all the correct lane changes to stay on the I-10 from the north west side of town all the way to the south east side. I've made the same drive you did, Lots of troopers every 25 miles or so. Galveston is a nice island, do they still have a Mardi Gras parade in February?

MizAngie said...

I hate 635! It's ALWAYS under construction. If you think they drive fast on that, you should get on the North Tollway. Holy shit! And out there it's Beemers, Mercedes', and other status symbol vehicles. When I go to Houston I go 69 to 59. If you go that way, though, be aware that every town you go through is a speed trap, especially Diboll and Splendora. I think I had a friend on the same cruise y'all were on! If it wasn't the same one then it was the one right before or after. She said there were a bunch of gays on their cruise, and it had been Gay Pride Week in Galveston the week before. Sound familiar? They're building a Stephen F. Austin statue somewhere around Conroe on I45. Maybe you'll get to Pee with Steve the next time y'all go to Galveston.

P.S. Sam Houston did defeat the Mexicans but not at the Alamo. He got Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto after the Alamo fell. As if you Okies care...hahahaha

mannyed said...

I loved Galveston when I went. Isn't that loop in Houston called the Nolan Ryan loop or something like that? I once vacationed in Texas driving from San Antonio all the way up to Dallas. Tons of fun!

barnyardmama said...

Dallas sucks at night too--it's always horrible. It's not as bad as Houston, though. I think Houston has the worst speeders ever--they scare the crap out of me.

Vickie said...

Next Time!!!
Take the Sam Houston toll way. (Yeah it cost but you really don't want to see the drivers on the 610 loop.)