Monday, November 19, 2007

My Last Muckin' Fonday!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

"Honey, look at what you bought me for my birthday."

He looks befuddled. "Your birthday isn't for a couple more weeks. Right?"


Still he's a bit fuzzy about what's happening, "Didn't I buy you something for your birthday already? Back in the summer?"

His memory is gettin' better....or.....I'm slippin'!!!

"I'm not sure."

"So you aren't gonna be disappointed when the day gets here and there's no gift?", he quizzes.

"No! Are you gonna look or not? Do you not want to share in the joy of my birthday gift you bought or not??"
He's such a buzz-kill!!!

"Show me!" as he rolls his eyes.

The larger one is the one he bought back in the summer for my birthday! And the smaller one is the lastest birthday gift!
Yes, Those are my toes!

I wonder what else I will get????

A girl only turns 35 as much as she wants to!!!


Mannyed said...

that larger ring is the exact ring that i have been asking the husband for the last few years. no joke. i'm jealous.


MizAngie said...

Girl, you gots some nasty-ass toes! Ha!!! Nice pedicure, though, and FABULOUS rings. Isn't that big one like Princess Diana's engagement ring? Do all you Princesses have that ring? All I know is that I am SO not living right as I don't have a Roy, a fancy ring, OR a pedicure!!!

big dog mom pam said...

Love love love the Princess Diana ring. I've always wanted one myself. I'm so jealous. Happy early Birthday . . . and congrats on being a lady of leisure for a while!