Friday, November 16, 2007

The Last Days...

of work have been Okay.....Like I never mentioned it! But there's only 5 workin' days left!

I haven't told the clients that I'm quittin''ll get mushy!

I think it's better to fade away than to go out in a blaze of glory....Isn't that part of Def Leppard song.....or maybe it's "better to burn out than to fade away"...hhhmmmm.....

I like my idea better.

I don't want to get all teary eyed about it. I have done it for 12 years. And I have gotten to know some really great people....And so really mean assholes! We have had 3 dogs here since August...and not one dime has changed hands or a request to visit them.....he just left them. Granted, he has had job.....and then the lies start. I'm ready to walk away. I don't really want to be here when they get put down becuz he can't pay his bill. Several really great cats were put to sleep when I was on's so sad.

This is what I want to do......quit. I have been so much happier since I told the BossMan that I was quitting....less stressed! I sleep like a log and I wake up very happy instead of feeling dread.

The BossMan hasn't mentioned another word about it. I haven't talked to the BossLady either. So I'm not sure what the RedHead's tone will be.

I didn't tell my RealWorld friends anything about it becuz it's a small town and things would get back around to the BossMan. My Bloggin' Buddies knew first....that's what bloggin' is all about...gettin' all that shit out of my head and worked out so it plays out the way it should without any blood shed.

When I told my RealWorld friends, they had mixed reactions. From those that wished they could do the same thing to those that wanted to cry!

I'm not dying! I'm just not groomin' your dog anymore.

One of my closest friends was freaked out that Roy and I were movin'!! I'm not sure how those two things go together but I told her that if I moved, I would take her with me.

The BossMan does this thing every year where he gets all the employees to write their own personal work evaluation....3 things to was worth .50 a year per hour raise!

Why isn't there a cent symbol on the key board????

I'll have to post them so you can see what that man has had to deal with....later! After Thanksgiving, I'll have loads of time!!

NOTE TO Vickie: We took the SamHouston Tollway and love it......That bridge is AWESOME!! But when we exited the tollway, it turned into stop lights and what felt like residential neighborhoods.....we sat at a Redlight 3 times before we made it thru that one intersection. It will be the best loop when it's get finished and back to 45.
I will keep the 610 in mind next time......woo hoo....NEXT TIME!!!

Rifle Season starts tomorrow.....Roy is so excited. WE will see what happens there....they haven't seen too many deer over the last couple of months. They think the flood may have altered their feeding patterns.

I have got to get to work........5 days to go.........Have a great weekend!!!


Proto said...

Wasn't it a Neil Young song? my my, hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay, it's better to burn out, then fade away, my my, hey hey. About Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. But that's enough trivia for now. Customer's do not need to know your going, or they'll just follow you home, trust me on this one.

Proto said...

rust never sleeps, that's it.

Billie said...

Things might have changed since then (it was 8 or 9 years ago) but at the time, we were told that kittens couldn't be tested for FIP. It simply took too much blood. You could only test for Leukemia and FIV (which they were!).


PS. Are you going to a new job or simply 'retired?'

Jeankfl said...

Wow..only 5 days! What are you going to do with yourself? You'll have to put up with Roy all day every day!LOL I can just see you out helping him do stuff! LMAO!!! Sorry, give me a minute to control myself.... ok. LMAO!!!!!!

MizAngie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OKLAHOMA! But I forgot how old y'all are. I saw on tv this morning that today is OK's birthday. Unless I dreamed the whole thing while sleeping late, at which case - please ignore this message. Hmmm.

Two people I've worked with forever are retiring effective 12/31, which means they're leaving now to use up vacation/sick leave. One minute I wish I were leaving, one minute I'm glad I'm staying. I feel like Sybill!!!

barnyardmama said...

Today I am very much wishing that RealWorld friends did not know about my blog. Got me into a heap of trouble, and frankly, I'm too tired.

gina said...

i'm excited for you! you put in your time; paid your dues -- you deserve some rest and relaxation. i wish nothing but lots of fun adventures for you and roy!

kfarm said...

okay, so where ya movin? I am out of the loop. I think it is great that you are leaving. 12 years is a long time. Have a ball!

Sherrie said...

Now I really feel like a bad bad bloggin' buddy. I don't remember reading that you were quitting your job. Of course knowing me, I did read it but my pathetic memory allowed me to forget. Oi....ya gotta love gettin old.

I still haven't blogged Nadine, not sure what the heck is wrong with me, other than being lazy. I can't seem to get my groove back! Hopefully one day soon......until then ~hugs~ to you lady!