Friday, November 30, 2007

The Exercise Program....

is killin' me!! I hurt all over....I hurt in places I have forgot all about!!

Wait, we're not on the same page....yet!

With winter starin' me in the face...and I'm thrilled about cold wind...which we had yesterday....I thought I would start doin' yoga.

Get in tuned with my mind, body, and soul....become one with the earth.....huge belly laugh...shit that hurts!!

I thought I could walk three days a week....I don't want to over do it.
And two days a week, I would do the yoga.....any more than that I wouldn't be able to sit up right and turn my's stiff today!

So on yoga day, I spread my blanket out on the floor and the cats came runnin'!

"Oh cool look at what Mom's doin' for US!!"

It was George's throw! He loves a certain throw....a tiger print faux fur throw.
And Jax loves it too.

I put the DVD in and waited for the yoga experience to start.....with George on my right and Jax on the left...I can't do anything without Jax.....and Scooter behind me. What could be more peaceful than to be surrounded by purrin' cats??
Right in the middle of the breathin' lessons George started growlin' at Jax....that really messes with my inner peace!
And during the whole "tipped over boat" pose or some crap, George jumped over me and slapped the Cat Spit outta Jax....totally unprovoked!

I guess George isn't into yoga!! All that peace and tranquility is just too much for some!George Herbert Walker Hightower


Erika said...

I also try to do yoga with my dogs either sitting next to me or lying on top of me. Makes it a little more challenging. Kudos to you and your exercise program. Stay with it and it will get easier!!

Proto said...

Silly cats, can't they see it wasn't their DVD and you needed the space?
and yes, the sharks were in their own pool under a walkway from the lobby to the building where my room was. and Might Mo has a lot of stairs to climb to see it all. There is a ramp to the main deck, and you can spend most of your time there, but the more interesting things are up and down the stairwells.

Mannyed said...

Manny looks at us weird when we do yoga. I use Denise Austin's yoga something or other DVD. More of a workout then the peace and tranquility stuff.

ITChick said...

Reminds me of when I tried doing pregnancy workouts with CG running around simultaneously. She toppled down many times... oops. :/

Love your cat on the fuzzy throw picture!

Mercy said...

Pssst u's your ownpersonal weirdo....u like?


kfarm said...

Oh, I love yoga. It keeps me limber for hot sex!

MizAngie said...

Were you doing yoga or something from the Kama Sutra? I can't believe you have a cat named George Herbert Walker Hightower. That is frickin' hilarious! And Timber's middle name is Jax!! I didn't know it until I got his adoption papers back from the AKC. I've purchased nine million fitness tapes and haven't lost a pound or gained a muscle yet. Do you actually have to DO the damn exercises??? Yech!

barnyardmama said...

My animals are the same way when I try to do an exercise video-- they want to get all up in the middle of things. And Yoga? I did it once when I was pregnant, and then I felt like I had the flu for two days. I guess i worked too much stuff out or something. Go figure.