Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Easy as Fallin' Off a Log.....

The Last Day:

I gathered my things and stood in the hallway.....The boss had his back to me looking thru the fridge....I said, "It's been fun."
He said without looking, "Thanks for working for us."
"No problem."
"We'll see you down the road."
"Yep! Down the road."

And Out the Door I went......One Bourbon, One Shot and One Beer!


Proto said...

Happy Holiday!

mannyed said...

that was your send off? that was your thanks for working how many years in that place? sheesh!

Well, kiddio, this is the first day of the rest of your life! i'm very excited for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Jeankfl said...

Dayum!! What an ass! Piss on you too, buddy! Well, at least you're gone, now! You're a free woman! Now I may have to seriously stalk you!LOL
Happy Thanksgiving!

MizAngie said...

That's frickin' incredible. Not one to get all bogged down in sentimentality, huh? And, of course, a cake and some punch would have bankrupted the clinics. Wellll, it's done. HALLELUJAH.

Now what?

Billie said...

Ok... I am finding that goodbye a little weird. You don't have to bring out the cake and tears but really... couldn't he at least spent a few minutes (to your face) saying goodbye and nice working with you????