Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Daytime Tv....

Ain't how I remember it!!

American Princess: I thought it would be spoiled rich girls spending the trust fund....but No!
Average young women gettin' lessons in table arrangements and wine....and then one is kicked off the island. I have a feelin' I would be the first to go if I played that game! I'm too left brain to be artistic!

I Want to Look Like a HighSchool Cheerleader....Again: Is just what it sounds like.
Older women gettin' in shape and the heaviest gal is kicked off the island. It's FatCamp for former cheerleaders run by JayJohnson from the DallasCowboyCheerleaders. He's tough!! I have watched him on the show DallasCowboyCheerleaders......oh the pain!! When I was young, I wanted to be a DCC...who didn't!
I'm happy to say that the 43 yr old won the prize! High Five, Sister!!

Bridezilla: These ladies need a Roy! "Now Baby, just calm down!"
You have cameras following ladies as they plan their weddings.....there is so much drama! I just had to laugh! Sadly, I watched for 2 hours!
And I am so glad I eloped! I bought a simple lace dress and packed it off the Eureka Springs and said I do when the ink dried on the Divorce papers!

The Bad Girls Club: I couldn't figure this one out at all.
Apparently, you have party girls put in a house in LA together from different parts of the country and they have to figure out life.....nobody was kicked off the island....there was not big prize at the end of the show....just parties and lots of cussin'.
I watched that for 2 hours trying to figure what the purpose was....and it's just sad!! I had to go make supper when one girl locked herself in the bathroom and they made it look like she may have attempted suicide.

Cooking Shows: I love cookin' shows.
I can't get into RachelRay. There's too much other things goin' on instead of just cookin'. Now PaulaDean....I can so relate to her! No other distractions just cookin' down home food....with real ingredients! Butter, cream and sugar!! I pick up tips and some the best recipes. Many years ago I snagged a recipe from the FrugalGourmet for veal piccata.....and over the years have tweaked to make it my own.....superb!!

Soap Operas: I looked at my old soaps.....and all the young pretty people I remember.....are old! Does that mean....ugh...that I'm old!!!!
Funny, I feel 35!!


mannyed said...

Bridezillas is a great show! You should check out the Real Housewives of Orange County. Man, I wish I was watching daytime tv. sigh.

Kfarm said...

Well I did watch the bad girls for a few and I mean a few minutes. The people at the restaurant I worked at said I should go on that show and show them what a bad MFer I was. You know after raising 3 teenagers, bring it on you little wimps. HA!

MizAngie said...

Oh yeah. You're gettin' bored...

Beth said...

Ya know, that is why they have radio, i work from home and the tv is right in front of me, unless they have re-runs of law and order its the music channel , well of course if sports are on then i tune in there. i cant get into the daytime dramas and the reality crap just isnt reality at all. I am with you, i would be the first kicked off the island as matter what island it was LOL.
I think you need to find a hobby that your left brain can handle.If you get too bored just come hang out with us LOL.

Miss Thystle said...

I can't believe the things i miss while someone hogs the remote and makes me watch endless nature shows about snakes. I'm going to have to get my own T.V. and TiVo all of these jems because the previously mentioned 'someone' gets all mad when I "girl up the TiVo"!

big dog mom pam said...

I agree with mannyed . . . You gotta watch "Real Housewives" Oh, and Airline. And Jon and Kate Plus 8. I got hooked on some really interesting shows when I was home last spring for 4 weeks. And I got hooked on The Young and The Restless again. Give it a week and you'll be all caught up on your soaps again.