Monday, October 08, 2007


The first thing I did this am was open the sportspage up to see where OU placed themselves in the ranks....number 6!!
Hey!! It's better than a kick in the last week!
OU beat was a real nailbiter but they did it!! Though, that one hit on the QB really should have been flagged.....that was a nasty hit!
MzAngie's Aggies beat OSU by one point....I just could not get into that game at all....I went to bed at the half.
But the EVEN bigger news is USC fell to number 10!!!!
Tequila shots for everyone!!!!!
Honestly, I don't think they should rank the teams until they have play 3 or 4 games to see how really good or bad they are. That keep folks like me that REALLY take their football seriously from developin' ulcers!

Next week....OU plays Missouri. OSU travels to Nebraska....both should be really good games!!

I added a neato frito sure to leave your pix or a message.

Now see what a good win will do for a person's spirits!!!
Head high....chest out.....all shits and giggles.....big difference!!!!

Have a great week!!

PS: What does BBW stand for???


tragedystrikes said...

Nadine - I have a veterinary related question. Can you or bossman help? My vet is being a dick. Not really, they are good vets. Anyway, my dog, taco has flea allergies and they are acting up real bad and the last time the vet gave him prednisone. Well, taco is due for a wellness exam and I can't afford it right now and the won't give me the pred with the exam. I understand where they are coming from but my dog is extremely uncomfortable. I want him to have the exam but just CAN'T right now. He is very healthy other than the allergies. Is there anything else I can do for him? He gets a brewers yeast supplement on top of his very expensive lamb meal and rice food. I give him a bath every week just like the vet told me to. I can't find any fleas on him but it is obvious he is getting bitten. They say I need to use the prescription (frontline)flea drops not the over the counter ones, but they are damn expensive too. I just want my sweet doggie to be comfortable and they are making it very hard. Any suggestions?

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
I know you're not Canadian, but it's Thanksgiving Day in Canada today and in the spirit of the day I wanted to come by and wish you a Happy Day!!
Hugs and Love,

Katy said...

Well, I had to stop watching the LSU/Florida game because it was driving me crazy. My husband stayed up, watched the end, and then couldn't sleep because he was so jazzed. His brother called too.

You know, when LSU played OU in the Sugar Bowl I lived pretty close to the OK line. One day I was in Vernon, OK with my LSU t-shirt sometime after the big game. I thought people were going to beat me up right there in the Walmart.

Cindy said...

Hi girl!
Just dropping in to say that!Yeah, OU beat Texas, but there is always NEXT year......

Take care,

MizAngie said...

BBW - Big Beautiful Women?
BBW - Big Boobied Woman?
BBW - Blue Birds Warbling?
BBW - Typo for BMW?

Did you tell tragedystrikes about benadryl for her itchy dog? Sure does work on Timber and isn't as dangerous as the prednisone accdg to my vet!