Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why We Blog....

I have asked this question before and have gotten different answers everytime. Then the answer was mostly that people was using the blog as a free webpage to keep in contact with family members that were overseas.

But in this case it would seem that most are here to vent and tell stories....and makin' friends is just a perk!!

I had no idea that would "met" some very awesome people!!

What got me on this subject was a conversation I had with MzAngie about men. She has been "hit on". So I was curious if that was the reason that some people do this. Do people blog in hopes of a clandestin meetin'?

Have others been "hit on"?

What I truly don't get is those people that taunt, badger, and annoy other bloggers. What gives??

You have your space to expound your virtues and opinions. Why berate someone else?

And that is what it is, our personal space. It is our thoughts about the things that happen to us on a day to day basis or our opinions about politics, sports, babies or JoeShit the Ragman.

If you disagree with someone, you can do so in a tactful manner without being insultin'. I may insult someone.....not uncommon.....I have been known to let my mouth get ahead of my brain....And I am sorry.....but I don't think I should be threatened with the loss of my job becuz I voiced my opinion!

This a free country!

TBN...may he be well and live on to blog another day!!

And what???
Nobody knows what BBW is???
SWF I get...but BBW????


Susan said...

Big Beautiful Woman ????

I blog because I like writing about what's going on in my life. Someday I hope that the people in my life look at this and are given a bit of an insight to who I am. I happened to meet a few cool folks along the way. And I don't think I know the difference between a casual flirter and someone "hitting" on me.

Now I have some catch up reading to do here. Cya later!


Dawn said...

Yep BBW Big Beautiful Woman...

I started blogging mostly to share pictures...then it got to be almost thearapeutic...even if no one reads it, I still feel better after I've blogged...and sometimes I do it just because I'm bored...Sometimes my blogs are good and other times I think why on earth did I type that...and think who cares why...

Jeankfl said...

I blog to express myself, and talk about my life and feelings. I've been hit on more than once, and have hit back once!LOL I just ignore them unless I want to flirt. They're right.. big beautiful woman.

Yvette said...


Billie said...

LOL. Your comment had me laughing at work. I didn't say I was wearing his shoes... just that it was simply in my gym bag. As it happens, the mistake didn't inconvenience me much because I was sick yesterday and never went to the gym.

I can't wear that guys' shoes. His feet are HUGE in comparison.

Mannyed said...

clueless on the BBW. Let me know when you find out.

And allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship and laughs! And cat advice!

sandrabbw said...

yep, it's Big Beautiful Women.
BHM - Big Handsome Men
SSBBW - Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women
FA - BBW Admirers

I thought it was big black women until I got all of them on a BBW dating site largesingle.com.

I firmly believe blog is used to vent. I began to write last September... But I find if I have a good day I rarely think of blog. Only if I am in a bad mood, I eager to write things out, and hope to get comfort from kind strangers. Never think I can find love through blog. But look for love in all wrong places. I have some photos on largesingle.com. If you like BBW, drop me a line.

T_B_N said...

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