Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Gives????

Come on you can tell me!!

What's up and NOBODY TOLD ME???

Is it National Hug-A-Bitch Day???

In all the years that I have lived here, this has never happened before!!
I used to be the first one to smile and greet a stranger, only to get a frown or nothing!
So I kept to myself.
And today...EVERYONE either smiled, greeted me pleasently, or waved!!!

So All the other bitches in the world....Today is our day!
When that person that has been sour towards you for-fuckin'-ever, smiles at you today....Smile back!!
And remember after National Hug-A-Bitch Day, we can go back to flippin' them off behind their backs!!!
One day doesn't make up for 12 years of contempt!!


mannyed said...

I don't know, I think I like National Fig Leaf day better.

diane said...

Deep breath!!! Hold it!!! Count to 10 and then let it out....just let it roll off you like water off a duck's back.
LOL...sound familiar??
Actually, it was 2 comments that made me angry...but it was the one by "Truly" that really got my dander up...the other one was from "Deborah".
Don't you just hate it when people judge you the wrong way, before they even get a chance to know you.
I hate that!!!
Hugs and Love,

MizAngie said...

Ha! I got roses at the homecoming game for no reason. My friend said I must be the "Homecoming Beeyotch." Ain't that a fine howdy-do?

Girrrrrl - the top of my head nearly blew off today when I received the reply from the automotive instructor. He talked down to me like I'm a poor, ignorant woman - and I don't like that. I replied back that I'm not an idiot and copied it to his female dean. Chauvinist!

Beth said...

I had to get caught up on all your blogs that i have missed from being a slacker last week.
My Gators lost as well, not pretty for them at all, now both my Gators and Dawgs have a loss, with any luck that wont effect them too bad in the end. The Braves have also ended thier season with no playoffs in thier future, and to top it off my favorite player Andruw Jones will not be returning next year, they cant afford him when the bullpen sucks as bad as they do. Go figure, we should go get trashed and cry together !!!!