Friday, October 26, 2007

Trip to the ER


The MerryWidow calls me at work. She's all fired there's lots of cussin'.....and it's all LennyC's fault!!
He ran his three wheeler into a post takin' her some steak and eggs and cut his foot.

"Can we take him to the ER?"
I'm not gonna say no!

"That idiot made an appointment for 1:30! Can you believe that shit? He needs to go the ER."
I can't say no!

"He made an appoitment to see the doctor and doesn't have a ride. He injured himself yesterday and made an appointment! That JagOff!"

Okay now I can say no!!

He did it yesterday!!
You don't take someone into the ER for something they did the day before!!
I can just see it all so vividly in my head! WE take him in and she pitches a fit becuz it takes so long to get him seen.
Is it any wonder why the ER is so slow....When people like that take old wounds to the ER???
People do that with their dogs....they come rushin' in at 4:55 and all excited becuz the dog is on his last breath becuz he was hit by a car only to find out that he was run over 4 days ago.....UGH!!!!
So by the time I get off work and out to pick THEM up to take him to his doctor's appointment she has changed her mind about what we are doin'.
"Tell LennyC that we are not goin' to the casino before his appointment."

I didn't know we were goin' to the Casino....I thought we were runnin' his ass to the ER!!!
And why do I have to tell him???

When we drive past the casino he starts to pout!!
"I thought we were goin' to the casino?"
I wanted to tell him, "Remember you broke you leg and need a cane to walk, we aren't gamblin'!"
That's right he limped out to the van with a cane!!! A Freakin' Cane!!!

I dumped his ass at the doctor's office and drove off!!
She and I had a pleasant lunch and ran errands. She called him becuz we were ready to go home.
He had better be done! Becuz come Hell or High Water or The MerryWidow, LennyC was goin' home!!
So I pull into the parkin' lot and he's not out front...he's had plenty of time to be out front waitin' on me...but no!
She said, "I'll go in and get him. He's in there runnin' his fuckin' mouth!"

I'll go!!
I'm younger and faster and can do it without cussin' at everyone in the building!!
I saw him gettin' off the elevator....he was showin' everyone that was there his cast!! He's like that....whether it be his cast, or kittens, ducks, or fresh surgery....he shows it off....I know from first hand experience!!
I holler at him, "Lenny!! Let's go! Now!!" and motion with my hand for him to get a move on...I have things to do....I am leavin' for Texas tomorrow!!
I have a blog to write!!
Shit....let's move it!!!

Now this where it all gets funny.....In the first block from the doctor's office LennyC starts braggin' about the cast. That it wasn't broken but a fracture!!Yep! They x-rayed it!! And that he was lucky! If he had waited any longer he might have lost his foot!!! I managed to keep my mouth shut!

In the second block, he announced that he was to return next Friday for a recheck. That didn't jive with The MerryWidow's the fight started...they are to be workin' cattle! "How the fuck are you going to work cattle with your leg in a cast?" I just kept my mouth's not my fight!

"I can do it! The doctor said it was just bruised. I can work cattle."

Well by the 8th block....this was a long fight......and that anouncement, my gasket finally blew!!!

"Lenny, Let me get this straight. You cut your foot yesterday and need to be rushed to the ER today. They x-ray it and it was only a fracture.....and now it's a a which is it?? a Fracture or bruise??"

And yes my friends OUR TAX DOLLARS are paying for all of this!!!
So I want to be clear on what I'm paying for!!!

He was not happy with when I passed the casino on the way back to the farm!!
And I don't care!!

Carnival Cruises, Take Me Away!!!


Mercy said...


RUN! Head for the hills LORETTA!!!!

gosh...what a trip...

Gina (mannyed) said...

I love LennyC stories, always entertaining and hysterical!!

Have a great trip!! I'll miss u!

MizAngie said...

Good grief! Why does a Steinbeck novel always appear in my head when you talk about Lenny? Not just his name but how he acts! Sheesh. But at least he has a reason for acting like he does - sounds like TheMerryWidow is just too damn mean to die! Family - ya gotta love 'em...

Diane said...

Hi Nadine:
Ohhhhh....I soooo envy you. I wish I was going on a cruise. I've only ever been on one and it was the best time I've ever had in my life. I want so bad to go on another one; but, unfortunately, they cost money and that's something I'm in short supply I guess I'll just keep dreaming until I win the lottery.
That LennyC sounds like a bit of an you related to these people?? Why would they bother you to take them to the ER...if they can afford to go to the casino, they can afford to get a cab.
I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!!
Hugs and Love,