Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Do List....

Before the Cruise....I have to make lists....or I will forget to make Roy do it!
And it is not just our vacation that is happening but the HouseCats are goin' to CatCamp!!

1. Get out the cat cages.
They have been in the shed for a year now and will have dirt and cobwebs in them. They are needed for transportion and housin' for the next 10 days. They are big cages and with all the strays that needs home, we are running short of space at CatCamp!
Scooter will hate it!! He always does!!
He hisses and spits at EVERYTHING!! Everyone else just takes it in stride.

2. Put flea prevention on the cats.
They don't have fleas but that doesn't mean they will not pick one up at CatCamp. One would think we just put fire on their backs as they run thru the house at top speed. CatNascar with six is awesome!!!
Then there's foamin' at the mouth becuz someone had to lick the spot!!!

3. Pack the suitcases....the human suitcases!
I thought I could get away with only taking one....the big one....but when I had it pack and I didn't have all my shoes....I had to break out the other big one!!
Scooter noticed the suitcases right off and went and hid under the bathtub!!

4. Buy a covered litter box.
Monster has unique quirk.....he stands in the litter box to do his business. Well, his last stay at CatCamp was hard on CampCounselor as it looked like he sprayed!!
My cat doesn't spray!! In the cat lover's world it is huge deal if your cat sprays!!
His CatCampLitterBox was a short one and when he stood up on the edge...he over shot it!! Honest mistake!! His winky must not be pointed right or something.
So I bought him a covered litter box so he can still stand......and it will all be trapped inside his box......and not on the wall......and the floor!!

I think that's it!!
I'm sure I will forget something.....I always do!!


Cindy said...

Hope you get everything taken care of before you leave! You sound like me needing a suitcase just for shoes alone!
Girl, don't get me started on Stoney, I'll never shut up!
You can go to his website and go to the music and hear snippets off his Red Dirt album (CD)scroll down to it. I just LOVE him! He was born in TX but grew up in OK. Or go to YouTube, but the only ones on there that are good are a couple that were made by Smith Music Co. All the others are from cell phones etc. He has a great cover of Dylans Forever Young on both CD's. But I like the version on the Red Dirt one. You would think that I would have him on my player and I did at one time and he WILL be back on there at some point!Oh well....enough about him! I forgot when you leave on your if it is this weekend..have FUN!!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

CatCamp!! Dun, Dun, DUN! I think Manny would be sad in CatCamp. Even if they do have arts n crafts.

Monster still has room to do his business with a cover on his box?

Proto said...

Oh boy,
Won't you miss them?
Your aim must be true.

Jeankfl said...

Mine love cat-camp.. they're people cats!! But, they do hate the carriers..I have to get them out and let them sit in the living room for a couple of days. Mag and Sis can hide, but Bro is too stupid and slow, so I get him last!Hope you have a great time!!