Monday, September 24, 2007

Time For My Close Up MzDeMille!!

"Hey Babe! What's today?"
It must be nice to be retired and not have a clue to what day it is...."It is Wednesday."
"No, the date?"
"November 1st."
"17 days to Gun Season!!"
"I want you to come with me." He said.

Hysterical laughter....calms a bit....."What the hell for? I am not climbing up in one of the tree stands again!!"
The last time he rolled me out of bed and took me to the woods, he made me climb up about 600 feet into a really cool treehouse.....okay it was only 25 feet but I sure wish I had had a cool treehouse like that as a child!!!
"You realize that anything over 6 feet I will break bones when I fall!"
"You will be fine and I need you up there to tell me which tree branches need cut."
Okay so I am up the my perch.....I kid you not......10 minutes up there and I had to pee.

"Can you not be an adult about this?"
"Come get me out of this fuckin' tree right now!! Call your friends with the CherryPickerThingy and get me down!! Better yet.....Call the firemen to come and rescue me!! Quick!!! I feel faint!!!"

Needless to say......I haven't been back.

"Stop it! Can you not be an Adult about this?"
Apparently not!!

"Why do you want me to go with you?"
"AAaaahhh......I want you to film it."

Okay, get the mop bucket out....I just peed my pants from laughing!!
"Hey Babe! What is today?"
Is he loosing his mind? I told him yesterday and the day before that and the day before that....."It is Tuesday, November 7th 2006!!!"

"You don't have to get nasty! You have some long johns?"

Oh silly man...."Yes I have long johns. Why?"

"11 days to opening day....and I can't take you the first day but you can go Sunday with me."

You shit and fall back in it!!! He has done some serious thinking about this!!!
"Hey Babe! What is today?"
Oh Lord Help Me!! "It's the 10th!"
"It is 8 days Gun Season!!"

"You had better call your hunting buddy and let him know."

He had the nerve to look straight at me and say, "Buddy, it's 8 days to go! Now I want the camera charged and I don't want you to film EVERYTHING."

The more I think about this...........the more I like it.............and I will have loads of fun with this!!!!

Today is the 14th and that means just 4 more days!!!!!

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