Monday, October 01, 2007

Sniffle, Sniffle....Boo Hoo!!

I walk a bit slower today....head not so high.
But thankful I didn't run my mouth....too much.
I have in the past placed all my faithfulness on a team...Cowboys....for them to fall on their faces.....Sooners....only to be let down....National Championship that should have been cakewalks...Fiesta bowl....but no!

I sat on my couch and watched in horror as the Buffalos played their hearts out....and the Sooners did not. I kept wonderin' when the A Squad was gonna get off the bus!!

Roy sat on his couch and yelled at the TV, "AND THAT'S WHY I DON'T WATCH FOOTBALL!!"
He left the room, couldn't take his weedeater was callin'.

But I sat there. Normally, I would be all pissy and stomp around, callin' foul but no, not this time.
CU played well!
The Refs made good calls.....OU is the one to blame for fallin' to number 10!! From 3 to 10 in fatal swoop!!!
And I sat there and watched it to the bitter end! Sorta like watchin' a car wreck....repelled by the gore, yet unable to look away!!
I saw that little boy, MzGina. I know how he feels....but I didn't let the tears fall.
I could only hope that Texas would also fall!! I could hear MzAngie and her Aggies laughin'.....we play A&M later in the year.
I won't go into the Red River Shootout with as much confidence as I did into the CU's this weekend.
I will not pull for the Dallas Cowboys....I think I will cheer for the Bears or Jets or some other team becuz the minute I say "Go Cowboys!" they will fall on their faces!!
The second I say, "Atta Boy, Brett!" he'll break a leg and can't rack up more scorin' TD for the record.

Be gentle with me.....I am bruised!


mannyed said...

be thankful your not a Met fan on top of all about bruising.

Hope next Saturday will be better for you!

MizAngie said...

I soooo understand. My Aggies are too iffy to have any confidence in this year. Hopefully, with the recent "" money making scandal we can get rid of Francione at the end of the year. He thinks he's so damn slick. Ugh. It doesn't help that his son's team beat the itshay outta my school this weekend. It was ugly. The Sooners will rise again, oh Crimson & White worshiper! And hopefully it'll be in the Red River Classic!!! I'll be cheering for them against the damn longhorns.

Beth said...

OMG its been a week since i have been here- so sorry, its just been so busy around here and i think i finally need a rest LOL. Hope you had a great weekend, Ya know if you ever get bored just come here and you will be entertained around the clock LOL. Never a dull moment!
Great history making moment for the Packers and Brett, he is a great guy and deserves his rewards!! My Gators lost this weekend, so sad!! but they still have a chance if they dot lose another game this season. Have a great day today!

cathy said...

well how do you think I feel my Dolphins are now 0-4 and Culpepper made 3 TD on his own just to rub it in, Danny boys record was taken away oh hell whats there to live for now :( other then that I'm OK and the diabetic thing is going so-so I do better M-T for some reason F-S I have a harder time keeping to me diet, LOL

diane said...

Guess what I did?? Can't guess?? Okay, I'll tell you I added a custom list to my's called "Friends outside of MSN" and I put it right above my friend's list. So, now when I go to do a blogwalk, it's right there and easily accessible. Works like a charm, too.
LOL...After I read your blog here, I was painfully reminded as to why I don't pick any teams or watch any sports on TV.
I'll leave you to lick your wounds
Hugs and Love,

Sherrie said...

First of all, I'm not sure I believe that boobie thingy!

Secondly.......nice bikes!!!!! Had to get that in, even if I did watch it twice just in case I missed something LOL.

Thirdly I'm a hockey and figure skating mom remember? So I'm a lil bit of a bubblehead when it comes to football. Although I must say........I just LOVE how their pants fit ~wink~

Fourthly *is that a word*, no matter I'm gonna use it anyway, go to the reunion. My 30th just passed, I didn't go, the only one I went to was the 10 year. I would have loved to have gone, but it was in May, and too difficult for me to get the time off. Not only that ~eek~ I would have had to do that flying thing to get there. You no me........I no likely that flying thing!

Man I really gotta get my butt over here more often!

Love ya :-)

P.S. Guess where my manchild is taking me tonight for a belated birthday thingy? DEF LEPPARD....oi....I'm thinking of taking the earplugs too :P:P

Princess said...

Morning love, just sneaking a quick hello....came by to see the pix's the Queen posted of my daughter at the fair and the one she snuck of my new man & I we weren't prepared but it doesn't look to bad. I miss ya hope you are well, G2G xoxo PPA