Friday, October 12, 2007

Slumber Parties, Sleepovers and Silly Teens...

I almost forgot!!

3 counts Grand theft Auto....mostly me. Hey, my BFF needed a ride to Softball practice!!
And the HayTruck was right there!!

Numreous counts Trespassing....all of us.

I can only remember one count of indecent again.....thinkin'...maybe there was other people flashing boobs....I just skinny dipped!

Contributing to the delinquency's of a minor...I was the minor. I was shown how to hotwire trucks! Not all could be push started like the HayTruck.

Accessory after the the charge of destruction of public property.....twice!

Driving in a manner not reasonable and proper.....Me, guilty for sure....I was the oldest and first to drive.....I have gotten better.
But the R&P charge.....that was when we had 5 teenage girls in Daddy's pickup. I had Control of the Steerling wheel, the gas, the brakes, and the clutch. I would tell the 3rd girl over when to it really a wonder when a carload of teens die??? We only went 1 mile to the football game!
I heard that.....Walk??? We were teenage girls.....we don't walk! WE SRTOLL. We don't STROLL a mile!

Drunk and disorderly.....Again that would me....thinking......yep just me! All the others were sooo afraid of gettin' caught! Weinies!!!

Breaking and entering...all of goes hand in hand with Trespassing!

And finally, Animal at Large.
WE were camping and the horses thought they needed to go home. One opened the gate and they all went home.....5 miles!!! And slept in their own barn!!

I had nothing to do with that one!!! I was skinny dippin'.

And we managed to do all that and never get caught....Okay, the Haytruck was noticed but there was no police involvement.
And the statute of limitations expired on all counts!!!


itchick said...

Look at you an your bad self! And I thought I was a wild woman back in the day. Nuh-uh. You're it!

cathy said...

And now you're married to a cop go figure, LOL no partying this weekend boring but someone has to do it, I wanna go to a pumpkin patch but no such luck here :( so I'll be watching FOOTBALL
have a great weekend,

Proto said...

The crash is way north of me, and just south of the valley my mom lives in. No getting through there for a few weeks. And detours go a long way around...

Proto said...

A university cop pulled me over for rolling through a stop sign, and noticed I had five unpaid city tickets. Tickets that I had paid a lawyer to take care of. That was my only night in jail.

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: certainly sound like you were a bit of a juvenile delinquent. But, hey, it's just kids having some fun, right?
I'm never going to change from Spaces to another blog matter what they do, I'll stay there, because I have so many friends there. I like the idea of being able to see which of my friends have done a new blog, but I can do without all the other silly stuff. I could really care less who has a new
Hugs and Love,

MizAngie said...

Stole watermelons.

Lots of public intoxication.

Disturbed the peace.

No arrests, no citations. I was invisible and bullet-proof.

Sherrie said...'s the thing......I'd confess to all my shennagins but my big sister reads your blog....errrrrr.........I mean, you NAUGHTY girl you! I was an angel hehehehe........