Sunday, September 30, 2007

Say That Again?

Did I Not Hear You Correctly???

"Well I am out of my stand, walkin' around."
"Did you see any deer?"
"8. All Does. Did you see the cars go by with the sirens?"
"Yes. Must be a wreck. The first went by so fast, it out ran the siren and the two behind him were CountyMounties and the ambulance was behind him. The fifth one was County also. You can hear them?"
"Oh yes it's real quiet out here. I am just out walkin' around and I have my cell phone on. See you later."
The Fire and Rescue and one HighwayPatrol went by. I'll call him and let him know.

"Oh Really! There is NO more peace and quiet NOW! That just scared all the deer away."
Did I miss something??
Was that not an open invitation to call him if I wanted????

"You said you were walkin' around and you had your cell phone on, I took that as I could call you when I wanted to!!"
"I am on stealth mode!! And I am being very quiet."

Apparently Not!!

You say turn on the vibe....that would take an act of congress and two pages to get it done!
He is a technophob! It took him THE longest time to figure out how to turn off the speaker phone function without me!!

There went the ambulance back into town....I think I will call him!!!

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