Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sad Day...

Roy calls me at work, "We have had a fatality at the Home20."

Not good.

We have an old momma cat that I didn't think she would live thru that hard winter we had last year. All that ice and snow should have done her in but she continues to hang on. Not that she hasn't tried to commit suicide by DumbBlonde.
I have had to move her several times becuz she lays under the car or in the driveway....she will not move!

Just the other day I noticed she was limpin' worse than normal and felt her might be broken. Maybe just sprained. Roy said something like maybe she would "R-U-N-N O-F-T"

So....that could be the fatality.
Or Worse!!

One of the Other OutsideCats!

Or one of the dogs!!

Or Even more worse one the HouseCats!!!!

No, He wouldn't tell me that way.
He would wait until I got home to tell me if it were one the HouseCats.
Scooter has a way of gettin' into the most precarious places.
Once he was upside down behind the deep freeze....Roy heard him cryin'!
Once he had his head stuck and twisted in the rails of the dining room chairs.....Roy heard him cryin'!
Once I was standin' at the kitchen sink and looked up and out the window and there he was sittin' on the CopCar!!
Right in the middle of the lightbar!!! He was so proud of himself!!
I am not sure who let him out but by the time I was done.....everybody was cryin'!!!

So once again, something has died.....and I am not sure I am strong enough to ask which one it is, when Roy continues.

"Yep, that goose of yours decided it didn't want to live anymore and took a dive and broke his neck."

I don't have a goose.

What the hell???

OOOOh that goose!!!

I have......HAD......these salt and pepper shakers that sit on a tray display in the kitchen. And he shut the door, the goose vibrated off and broke when it fell.

He continued, "Yep, the other one was so distraught that it almost committed suicide too. They are mating pair, you know."

Do you see what I have to deal with???


Anonymous said...

Nadine, Just love it his uncanny sense of Humor, not knowing what next kills me, lol! He's a keeper. Hugs Deanie

MizAngie said...

I guess your goose flew south for the winter. Ha!

Wow - Roy really got your goose on that one!

You didn't even bend over and Roy still goosed ya!

I'll stop...

jeankfl said...

I'm too busy readin' mizangie to pay attention!! LOL Just have to love 'em.. can't kill 'em.

Sherrie said...

LMAO........oh boy, your Roy makes me smile!

If it weren't so late, I would play catch up, it's been really a very stupid-crazy week for me. Not making excuses, I just want you to know I'm around, and looking forward to some down time so I can catch up. hopefully by next weekend that will be possible LOL. sympathies to the other goose ~wink~

Billie said...

I love his sense of humour!


mannyed said...

Poor Goose. It took me back to the time when Goose from Top Gun got killed. *sob*

katy said...

OK, that comment you left on my space made me laugh out loud.

I collect salt and pepper shakers--some for each holiday. I wonder if they make Tiger salt and pepper shakers? Football season is the longest holiday of the year!!!

Proto said...

Is there a glue for that?

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Awwww...that is so sweet what you said...I wish I looked like Snow envision myself more like the wicked old witch.
LOLOLOLOL...I can't stop laughing at your blog...LOLOLOLOL...I was so sad all the way through and then I got to the end and I just cracked right up when I read what he said...LOLOLOLOL...thanks for starting off my day with such a good laugh!!
Hugs and Love,