Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Press....

And it's just my opinion....that they will do what they have to do to sell papers or air time for the sponsors. Maybe there are those that think they will win a Pulitzer over the subject...but not many have that talent that I have dealt with!

I have been mullin' this over a day or two...since the big flap about OSUCoach VS TheSportsReporter....probably long than that.....but....whatever!

It has been my experience with reporters that they will print what they want, whether it's the truth or at least enough of it to slant the story but not enought of the truth make an impact in the right direction.

They will twist your words to slant the story the way they want it to be read.

Most of my experiences have been with newspaper reporters but I really don't see a difference between TV reporters and newspaper reporters.....maybe the fact that the TV people are a lot more easy on the eyes. That one newspaper guy....he was butt ugly....and he fell asleep!

And he has the nerve to write about.....nevermind....I don't want to go there!
I would like to add that my mother in-law kicked him as he walked down the hall!

If someone declines an interview, in the paper it's worded that "they would not return our phone calls".

Or they say you "declined an on camera interview." Don't for one minute think that someone who doesn't want to talk to the press has something to hide.

How many times have you seen the "on camera interviews" on 60Minutes that they didn't try to make that person look either like an idiot or guilty....when they are neither!

And then the Press comes back with "we need to let the public know".

Personally, I am sick and tired and tired and sick of hearing about MzSpears, MzLohan, MzSmith and all the crap that seems to be rammed down our throats. The other day I read an obituary of a horse!! It was in the Famous People section of the Obits!!! I won't that glorious sent off!! All my bad will be printed with mine!

Or the Press waves a flag and spouts quotes from the First Amendment, "Free Speech! This is America!"

Well, this is my life....and I have a right to privacy. So I will decline the interviews.

I can live my entire life happily to never....ever talk to another reporter again.....something I learned when I was 15.

Way back in the late '70's, my grandfather had some men drillin' oil wells on his property. There was always roughnecks comin' and goin', leavin' a mess on property. Daddy and Grandpa would go 'round and 'round over it. Daddy felt that OilMen should be payin' a lot more than Grandpa was gettin'!

Then one winter, one of the wells blew out!
That was a big deal!!

It didn't blow out stop thinkin' about a gusher shootin' to the was gas! The rouchnecks had hit a natural gas pocket and it erupted. It shot pipes and mud everywhere. But most importantly....natural gas!

Everyone had to be evacuated in the immediate area....we went 2 miles down the road to Daddy's brother, sister, and I, lived with our grandparents becuz of Daddy's work schedule.

And the news crews came....remember that sound of locust in "All the Right Stuff" wasn't that bad.

But It was a big deal.

There were rumors of explosions, of us loadin' up the truck and movin' ta Bever-Lee....really the kids at school thought I was goin' to start drivin' a Cadillac to school...It's natural gas people!!!

One rumor that I thought was just soooo cool was that Red Adair was gonna hafta come to cap it off...becuz the normal prodecures were not workin'!!
They had tried mud. They tried cement several Yeah maybe Red would have to come to cap it off!!!

For those not in the KNOW...John Wayne played Red in the you KNOW It was a BIG DEAL!!!

But anyway, one day after school a man from Tulsa came to ask questions about how we felt about all this and what we wanted from this....My Great-Grandma, my Granny and Me. It was a nice chat. He even took our pictures!!!

Sooooo coool!!!!


Next day, On the front page of TheTulsaWorld was US!!!
Three wind blown women!!
My Granny said, "we look like something the cat drug in!"
It was awful!!! WE looked like bagladies!!!!
She was sooooooo embarrassed!! The ladies at Church would see it!!!
And If I remember it right.....I had the headline...."I just want to go home and feed my calf."
That was not how I said it!! And I was at home!!!
But that reported twisted everything around to make it sound a million times worse than it was!!! He made it seem like we were bagladies!!!!!!
And there I was in my FFA Jacket!! "I just wanna feed my calf"....what crap!
He wasn't starvin'...I went everyday to feed him!!

The OilMan was Starving Cattle and Displacing Old Women and Children, in an effort to make a buck while raping the environment.....HorseShit!!!

Next time, I'm back home I will have to look it up and read it again so it is fresh in my memory...Oh yes we saved it!!

Red didn't need to more try with cement held.

Daddy and Grandpa went 'round and 'round over Grandpa not gettin' compensated for all the mess and trouble.

Life was back to normal...oh and that calf was some good eatin'!!!

So no, I will not ever talk to them ever again.....You can stand on the tallest mountain and scream until you are blue in the face.....Nobody will hear the TRUTH!! But they will believe what they read in the Paper!!
So I applaud Coach Gundy for speakin' coarsely to that NewsReporter. The Press oversteps itself sometimes.


Proto said...

Write On!

MizAngie said...

Preach on, Sister Hightower! I agree. There's no such thing as fair and balanced, I don't care which side they're on. I wish they would just report stuff and not editorialize every frickin' thing.

Did you see the press conference from College Station? In essence, they can now fire Fran without having to buy out his contract. niiiice. I'd bet money the a.d. got whomever tattled to do it for just that reason. Ha! We could very easily finish the season 0-6, then he'll definitely be bye-bye. It would almost be worth it except for the texas game. Ugh.

Beth said...

Man, we must really be out of the loop here in the east cause i have no clue what is going on with the coach.......darn it !!!! The papers are in business to make money like anything else in this country, that is where free speach lost its meaning. Sad thing is , it filters thru to our justice system. Freadom of ass, free country ass, innocent until proven ass !!!!!!! its the american way !!!!! And, to top if off, the only difference between our country and Hitler, He got caught and taken down, Our freak show still is still on stage !!!!!

Katy said...

The press is pretty freakin' slanted. My husband tries to read British newspapers online because he says they report American news without all crap. I don't go that far, but it does seem like they like to blow everything out of proportion.

Oh, and I got your e-mail, but I can't respond because my gmail is acting up. Let me say this: I never really met an obnoxious OU fan--just got some dirty looks. I've definitely met some obnoxious LSU fans--most of whom never went to LSU. The SEC is full of rednecks with too much beer. Luckily, we can still play a mean game of football. Go Tigers!