Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Perfect Match??

Roy feelin' his oats!
As I walked to the kitchen he started gigglin'....it's cute....he doesn't do it often...so it got my attention!
"What's so funny?"
There was commercial for Match.Com on the TV.....he spent the day at home....alone....with my computer!!
That's not a good thing!! The last time he was alone with my PC I received a frantic phone call, "What the Hell does Fatal Error mean??? Why is the screen blue?????"
Dude!!!! Drop the Mouse and back away!!!!

So he is gigglin'.
"Honey, did you sign up for Match.Com to find your true love?"

He grinned real big, "No, but wouldn't be fun to do that to see if it puts the two of us together?"

I told him about the Jung Marriage test. I could take it for him, I know him inside and out! Could you do that with your partner??
But I didn't!!
"Honey, I was afraid that I would find out we were incompatible and I would have to divorce you!"

"You! I'm Senior Partner Here!! I'm filing!!"

His test scores....the one I took for him: You are: 33 12 25 67
moderately expressed introvert
slightly expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed thinking personality
distinctively expressed judging personality.....he's an Inspector!! Go Figure!!!

And I'm a Guardian....we are totally compatible......so I guess he's stuck with me!!!

I'm curious to know what it will be when he takes it.....Stay Tuned!


Beth said...

Bringing you some Halloween fun !!!
T'was Halloween night and all through the house
Creatures were stirring, bugs, cats, and a mouse
The pumpkins were carved into faces with care
In hopes that a candle would soon be placed there
With ma in her apron fixing platters of sweets
We'd settled our brains for a long night of treats
When out on the lawn there arose such a roar
I sprang to my feet and ran to the door
And what to my wandering eyes should appear
But a red deviled monster with a big yellow spear
Like a bat from a cave I ran - still he came
I thought I'd escaped but he called out my name
Mr. Thorn - Mr. Thorn - please don't be afraid
It's me, little Jimmy in this masquerade
The moon on the lawn glowed a bright orange cast
And I thought I saw witches on brooms flying past
White sheet like things floated, they looked just like ghosts
But the skeleton with bones clacking, it scared me the most
Someone looked like a vampire his face a ghastly pale hue
I finally realized it was Harry all covered with glue
That kid like a spider so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it was my neighbor's son Nick
One sweet little princess, so lovely was she -
Whatever was she doing in this strange company?
When all of the goblins pulled mask from there head
I knew that this night there was nothing to dread
Then this strange purple monster greeted me and I said, "Who are you?"
He gave me no answer just hollered Boooooooooo….
And putting a finger aside one large eye
He got in his space ship and flew to the sky
I knew I had never seen anything like that before
I watched him in wonder quickly shutting my door
But I heard him exclaim ere he flew out of sight
Happy Halloween to all - and have a real spooky night!
Bringing you a few gifs ( compliments of Noelles wonderful talent)
Hope you enjoy !!!!

Have A Spooktacular Halloween !!!!

Mz Gina said...

Psst, Nadine! HeHe, just wanted to see your ears perk up, lol.

I can't picture Roy giggling!