Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Weekend....

Shot to......Hello!!!!
Wednesday night, Muzzleloader season came to an end at the Hightower home......Don't shed tears!
When Blackpowder season started, Roy was thinking about gettin' a modern muzzleloader as his is like Davy Crockett's. It is getting hard to find the tools and supplies that he needs for his gun.
Until the other night, when this trusty old style gun took down two deer!!
He shot a doe first.......He thought he was done for the night when out walked a buck trailin' her!
Imagine, if you will, a man sitting in a box stand in the fence line staring at a 180# 10 point buck....with an empty gun!!!!
He is a very passionate man about everything he does.
He practiced speedloading that muzzleloader....which means the Bear is on his feet and coming down on the hunter and He has got to reload in a hurry!! Many test fires and many attempts were made!
His hard work paid off!! He took that buck down too.
Have you ever seen a man walking on clouds???
There is no way he would replace that gun!! Old Style or not, it is reliable!!

And then he said after we cleaned them up and carted them over to the processor, "Well my Weekend is shot to hell!"

Oh Poor Baby!!

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