Wednesday, October 03, 2007

National Hug-A-Bitch Day!

Wow!! It was fun while it lasted!
I was complimented. A little old lady drove 90 miles to bring her dog to us for grooming and neutering. "I just love the way you take care of me and my dogs." She used to live behind the clinic and she would walk her dog down or I would go and get it and I would take it back to her after work. She is in her 90's....and her kids and grandkids were too busy to take her dog in! Some people aren't worth shootin'!!
I was got a hug! Same lady!
One of my "Mothers" brought me Grinchy heart is throbbin'.
I did get bit fact I couldn't even tell you which finger was bit!

More struggles with the teeth whitening strips....I refuse to give up!
Roy was takin' a bubble bath....REAL MEN take BUBBLE BATHS!!! So we were in the bathroom together none the less. We were having a full on bitcaaaahhh.....discussion about the whitening strips....the pro and cons.....CONS....Let me make that VERY CLEAR......CONS....when I started to put the bottom one on first...which never just balls up.
Roy said, "Are you sure that there aren't bottom ones and top ones?"
Roll my eyes....that move works both ways...."Yes!" and read him what the packet said.
"I don't think it says that!"
What??? Has he lost his mind????
I read it again with MORE TONE.
"Oh." and he sunk further down in his bubbles.
So I put one on the top. The top seems to work soooooo much better.

You know I went off without my glasses this am....I can't see to type this out but I can see a hair on my cheek.....and I CAN'T GET IT OFF!!!!

Anyway.....Roy says, "Well that's not gonna look right. The top will be white and the bottom..." He was thinkin' of the right word....the one that wouldn't get him hit! ".....discolored."
So I made another attempt at puttin' the bottom one on....all the while his is talkin'....and I successfully got it in place and closed my mouth.
I turned to him to retort his statement when it became very evident that I could not open my mouth!!
It was cemented shut!!
I could not get my teeth apart.
All I could do was mumble and point but Roy doesn't get it. He can't understand me when I talk and brush my teeth there is no way he is gonna figure this one out! I gave up and started laughin'!!
That's all I could do....and wait until it dissolved....which was about 10 minutes!!!

Another thing that should have been tested better....teeth whitenin' strips and pocket rockets!


Dawn said...

CEMENTED SHUT!!!! I am NEVER trying those things.

Deborah said...

Lmao Nadine. That is just so funny about the strips. And I am trying to picture Roy in a bubble bath (yikes guess not, you'd hit me). You are my favorite sit-down and type comedienne.
Blessed be

Jeankfl said...

Lord.. cementing your mouth shut?? I'm thinkin' that would be as bad as mine!LOL Be careful, Roy might get to liking that..Let us know if the stupid things work!

Beth said...

I have never tried those things and i sure didnt know that they just disolve in your mouth, hope that is safe. I bet your intestines are shinny LOL. I dont think i want to try that, think i would rather just paint them or something LOL.
Hope it works for you though, i have known people to use whitening stuff ( not sure what kind) and they had great results.