Monday, October 15, 2007

My Mini Vacation....

Has been durin' the last week. The BossMan has been off huntin' there's nothin' to do but a few grooms. And I'm in control of that so there's nothin' to do!!
I currently, have a massive headache!!
I have finished all the fashion magazines and so here I am....with nothin' to do.
Sure, I could come up wth something to do but why? It will be there to do tomorrow and maybe my headache won't! My stomache feels gross or I would take something for the headache!
I am so lookin' forward to my real vacation. The cruise.....The major theme on it will be DO NOTHIN'!!!
I think I still have Roy talked into the Parasailin'!! Woo Hoo!!
I haven't even started to pack. I have 14 days to go!!
And I'm not freaked out about it. I guess, I gettin' good at this cruise thing. Our first cruise was very nerve wrackin' for me. I had to completely resuit Roy!!
We were goin' with some of my friends and there was a huge deal to lose lots of weight so all the ladies would look great on the topless it turned out.....I was the only one on the topless deck!!
Oh, the others lost lots of weight...but again...I'm the only one that continues to be indecent!
But also all the ladies wanted to surprise the men with sexy dresses to show off the new bods....on Formal Night! I had a pretty black halter dress. All the ladies looked nice!
But what to do with Roy???
Formal night was loomin' on me....the man strickly wears Harley shirts!!! Dressin' up for him is his best Harley shirt.....something with a pretty bike on it and his best Levi's. I may have on a cute skirt and sweater with mink cuffs on the sleeves with my black boots but he's in jeans and tshirt!!
But this time, on this cruise, we have done the formal thing....I don't care to do it again. I will pack his good khakis and a nice shirt just in case I decide to dress up that's it. No ties! No Suits!!

And there was the search for him a second swimsuit. He didn't see the reason he needed a second one....When you live in a swimsuit on a cruise, you need two......One gets kinda funky!
But the hunt for one.....It was like pullin' eyeteeth without the aid of modern tools and the good drugs!!!
This time around, he didn't say boo about the second swimsuit....He has out grown his other this time, he just picked it out and that was that.....I don't know if he is maturin' as a traveler or a husband or what???
All I know is, he was very pleasant!
The Second cruise was just about as bad....I had to get him on a plane!!
And we were goin' to be around people he knew....he was edgy....more than normal....that whole formal thing again!!
This time, his is drivin' to Galveston and that's that!!
I can't wait!!

Thanks to all the people that have posted a message on the guestbook. A couple of people added their names....I don't who they are.....they read my silly blog. New friends!! So cool!!

There was mention of glue'n the goose....but it's not worth it....he and his head have jumped a couple of times since the first life ending jump!!
And Yes, MzGina, Goose always dies. I cry everytime....I know it's comin' but I still cry. When I'm rich and famous and I redo Top Gun....Goose is gonna live!! He may get mangled but he will live!!!
My headache is no better and in fact, I'm dizzy! I think I'll end this....Can I go home now???


Cindy said...

Oh, you have one of those hubby's too, huh? I hated formal night on the cruise, yeah it was fun to get all dressed up, etc., but it isn't worth the hubby bitching all night about it. Needless to say, we haven't been back on one!Hope you have fun on yours though! Besides that we had a blast!


Proto said...