Thursday, October 18, 2007

Memory Lane...

When I scheduled this last cruise, I just picked out the best price for what I wanted. I did not think about Deer Season. I thought about the BossMan's huntin' trip. Roy had said he didn't really want to hunt this year.

Yep! He said that!!

I was shocked!!!

He loves to hunt!! The Spirit of the Wild runs deep in him.

Remember "Hunting is better than sex!".....Yep! He said that too!!

I added all the hunting adventures for you to read if you want....I had to laugh.

It was fun.
Torture at the was fun!

I'll work on the film....maybe add later.

Have a great day!


Beth said...

hi there, my grandmother in the photo ( my fathers mother) was in her late 70's when that photo was taken, she had my father late in life ( considering now adays) and i am number 5 of 6 kids so my parents were well into thier 30's when i was born, my youngest brother is 6 years younger then i am and my oldest brother was headed off to the military when i went to first grade lol. I do know what you mean though, i look at Sherry, Linda, Magick and they all look so great , nothing like what you would picture a grandmother to look like !! i hope when i have grandkids i dont look OLD LOL.

mannyed said...

if he said that, today must be opposite day and he really meant, I WANT to go hunting this year.

Jeankfl said...

Those hunting stories crack me up! Men... Oh, well. LOL