Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Think I Understand....

I may not totally believe it but I think I understand!
Let's remember that we are talking about a simple man that made a simple request for his birthday...To go to the TittyBar for dollar LapDances.
He didn't ask to go to Montana and hunt Elk and Bear but wanted nekked boobs....knowing how he feels about hunting and all.
Not one word about Moose hunting in Canada or buying gear to duck hunt.....he wanted nekked boobs and lap dances.

Odd isn't??

With a loll in the hunting action, he keeps his senses sharp by watching the hunting shows on TV....by himself....knowing how he feels about hunting I thought he might want to be alone......and the fact that I make fun of the shows......they are about shooting farm raised deer and call it hunting.

That is just wrong!!

I couldn't stand it any longer and had to watch it.
This man was in a tree stand and was looking for that MONSTER BUCK...The one with a rack that is 3 foot wide and has 12 points on each side and two that point to the ground......now let me tell you that if a deer manages to get that big in the wild....That is some real TOUGH eatin'!!!
That's an OLD DEER!!!
So we all know that he is only being killed for that rack!
Weeeellll....now guess what comes lumbering out of the woods....that same buck...that mangy old buck with the MONSTER RACK!!!!
The man in the tree, could barely contain himself!!!
I could barely contain myself!!
I mean really!!

That deer sniffed around and pick up on all the doe urine the HUNTER had put out ....you know you can buy that stuff!!! That deer was 5 feet from that man when he shot him with his bow and arrow!!!
I have never seen a grown man act that way!! It was amazing!!
"Roy, do you do that when you make a kill?"
"Yes, but not as demonstrative as he is.....he could cum at any minute!"

No freakin' kiddin'!!!
I get it!!!

Hunting may be better than sex for men!!!

I can't wait to tell you about him wanting me to go to film him!!!!

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