Friday, October 19, 2007

Get Ready, Get Set, Vent!!!

I have this machine.....a spins and separates whatever you have in the tubeythingys...I deal mostly with blood. This machine is very old.....which means it works. I'm not sure if you have noticed this or not but new modern machinery doesn't hold up as well as the old stuff made in the 60's or 70's. Remember that old washer your mom had and she still had it when you left home?? I have had 3 in last 10 years!!!!
But anyway, my centrifuge sounded like it was about to take flight but it did the job. TheOtherOffice's centrifuge....a 4 year old machine.....crapped out on them. I have been handling their real big deal.
Well, you know me there was foul ups.
But nothing to get fired over.....yeah okay ,that one time was bad....You must put the blood sample in the box to be shipped.
Image the lab openin' the box and there's nothing in it!!
In the meantime the BossMan was wheelin' and dealin' for a new centrifuge. It arrived just before he left for Idaho. He took it out of the box and sat it on the cabinet. It's huge!! It takes up about as much space as a microwave! The old one is the size of a toaster!!! The SalesRep has to come show us how to work has settings and it will not run if you have the door open. The BossMan scoops up my old one, tucks it under his arm and starts to walk out with it!!
"What are you doing?" That's mine!!
"I'm takin' it to TheOtherOffice."
"But I don't want that other one. It's...It's....Huge!!!"

He just smiled.
And walked out with my centrifuge!!!

So the day he comes home from Idaho, the SalesRep calls to set up a time to show us how to use it. She tempted us with lunch!!
What we got was cookies!
At 3:30 in the afternoon!! I won't even start on SalesReps....we could be here all freakin' day!!

She shows up with cookies in hand and is ready to get started when tells us she needs samples....fecal samples!!
For my new centrifuge????
She's gonna put dogshit in my new centrifuge!!!!
Then she says that the company will pay for me to do samples.....I'm not thrilled to be paid to that.....not for $1!!!
The struck some sorta nerve in the BossMan. He was real cool about it. But at the end of the day as we're walkin' out he says, "That is just their way of under the table dealin'!! And I don't like it. I don't care that they will pay you. It's not the money. But they are being deceitful!"

First off, I don't understand how that is dealin' under the table?

Secondly, What do they get outta of it to pay me to do samples?

Thirdly, Why is the BossMan mad if it's not about money?

Fourth and most importantly, Do you know how many fecal samples I have set up and looked at under the microscope???? I have worked here for 12 1/2years!!!

I thought about this on the way home....countin' up all the times....for about all of 3 miles!!!!

I did one the day the SalesRep showed us how to work the new machine. I have done two for the current doctor and 1 for the previous kids.....I have an IQ of 114 and I think I can figure this one out!!!


That's right......4!!!! In 12 1/2 years. So Keep Your Shorts On Doc!!!

Whoop-de-fuckin'-doo....I am gonna get $4!!! I sure hope that doesn't send anyone to the poorhouse!!

And I am still have one question left.....How do I work this new fangled machine for blood?

75 days!!!! Ooooohhhhmmmmm........75 days!


itcm said...

*sits down in the meditative state w/Nadine* ooowwmmm

That's just plain EEEWWW. Nothing worse than sh*t hittin' the centrifuge!

Proto said...

What makes the grass grow?
Blood, Blood, Blood ;)

Beth said...

came by to tell you to have a great weekend !

MizAngie said...

Shouldn't that have been whoop-de-fuckin'-DOO DOO???

Timber said to tell you he HATES the fecal collection process. I'll vouch for him. If it's possible for a dog to get a funny look on his face, that's when he gets one. Ha!

Enjoy your fecal-free weekend. Well, I hope it's fecal-free.

Sherrie said...

I'm just trying to visualize what happens if the door opens on the pooper shaker......hehehe.....not the pepper shaker :P

Beth said...

Hope you had a great weekend !!

mannyed said...

ok, you lost me at centrifuge.

Katy said...

This is off topic, but I took that Jung test that you mentioned and it said that I'm a TEACHER--go figure.