Monday, October 22, 2007

Family Reunions are a Bummer!

I don't normally go to them either!

All the old aunts that gave me spit baths in SundaySchool tell me I have gained too much weight and tell me I need to cut my hair.

Food is always good though. Homemade noodles you just can't beat! And homemade desserts are to die for!!

But on Thursay morning, my Aunt run my grandpa to the ER and he spent a couple of days in the hospital so I felt compelled to go.....alone....Roy went to a gun show!

Lucky Dog!!

I didn't get there until after all the food had been picked over and was cold. The younger cousins had cooked most of the food so there were things there like chicken enchiladas and something made of spinach....right next to the homemade noodles and green bean casserole! And there were store bought cookies and cakes with the Cherry Delight that my granny makes from scratch.

How things change!

And every one is always so polite.....when they are diggin' for dirt.

Everyone always asked what I do they don't know anything about do realize that people talk about you when you are not there.

And they say "oh that's a shame she was always such a nice girl."

Or "I can't believe she would do that she was so shy!"

Gossip parties that's what they should be called.

And then the torture went an after dark weiney roast....on the property that I grew up on. Which it seems all my cousins grew up there too. The CityKids were sent to TheFarm every summer. We were a tight group until my dad died. Things changed a great deal after that.

Their memories about my family farm is not much different than mine but was unnerving.....and I still can't put my finger on it but it just didn't set right with me.....Like there was gonna be a power struggle over the ownership or something. People get greedy when the OldFolks die!

When I was a kid, these used to be great! WE would stay all day long, fishin' and ridin' horses all over, and there would be a huge bonfire after dark and hayride to the cementary that is just off the property. It was so creepy and just so much fun. Snipe can't beat a good snipe hunt with the little kids....hehehehehe....We would walk them in circles and end up at the cementary and leave them there....Oh the screams!!!

But it all changed....It was like Daddy was the center of all this. Cousins would come from all over just to spend the day on the farm with us.

But THIS wasn't fun! No scarin' the shit out of the little kids, no fishing, no horses, no nothing! Only talk about the TallGrassPrairie and Buffalo....I don't remember buffalo....I think they made that shit up!!

Roy showed up and followed me was all pretty uneventful.

And I just can't put a cute spin on it. Plus I just went 'round and 'round with the BossMan. It's an Icky Monday!!

So I'm not feelin' too cutsey! And after havin' lunch with Roy.....maybe only 30 days!!
Hold my hand, ITCMom....Oooohmmmmm.....30 days!!!

The Family Reunion....It was just weird.

I looked up the news story....It was actually on section H on the Sunday paper.
It was a big deal. Those cousins still talk about it.

And Granny said, "You know OilMen never paid us a dime!"


diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
I love family reunions. My family is different, I guess. I've never heard anyone say anything mean about anyone else; so I guess if they're talking about someone, it must be
We used the have the best family reunions. One of my aunts had a big farm and we always had it there. Every summer, right around my Grandad's birthday. Most of my family is gone now and the only time we get together is at someone's funeral. I really miss those reunions.
I have a dream book...I used to have a really good one until I loaned it to someone and they never gave it back. When I approached them months later, they told me that they did give it back and I must have lost it....Bitch!! Now I have a crappy, cheap dream book. It will do for now, but I am going to get a better one...problem is, the cost about $35 and I just can't afford that right now. I find it fascinating. But, it really only pertains to dreams that are very vivid hours after you wake up...colours in dreams are very important also, because we normally dream in black and white and if a colour stands out, then it's important. Dreams are usually contrary, meaning if you have a bad dream, it probably means something good.
Hugs and Love,

cathy said...

Hey there, hows it going? sounds like you had a blast he-he, I've never been to a family reunion ?? They had one a few months ago but I wasn't invited wonder why LOL, not that I wouldv'e gone can't just up and fly to visit. When we were young my parents always took us to visit family, but everyone has gone thier own way now, sad :( damn now I'm depressed.
Don't work to hard, and have fun with your new machine.

MizAngie said...

My Dad's cousins organized a reunion last summer for the first time in forever. We used to meet up at the cemetery every Saturday following July 4th for a covered dish and clean up. The "Graveyard Workin'" is what we used to call it. It was always hot as hell and my siblings had me scared to death to rake over graves or walk on them. Creeps. Mostly we don't EVER get together unless somebody dies. How festive is THAT?

Cindy said...

Aren't reunions FUN!! Any always get the same.."So what do you do?" mmmmmm, the same thing I was doing the last time you asked me! At least it is over with and it is always good to see SOME of the people!

Yep, those jerks finally got to me...sheeeesh

mannyed said...

so weird...sometimes family get togethers can be the best thing in the world - the best laughs, the best memories and yet sometimes it can be just plain ugh.

sorry this was ugh for you!