Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You're not supposed to drink the bong water!!!!

Have you ever met someone that made you think that??

The guy next door at the car soooooo like that!!
I am sure about 20 years ago he was a fox.....he's not bad lookin' now....but the fact that he is so totally a space cadet takes away from his foxiness!!
That and his time spent in prison.
He came over one day to give me a box....if UPS comes when I'm not here, the package goes next door.....and the StonerDude says "Hey, when can you groom my dog?"
Before I can answer he's off on how bad the dog's a's always bad....and it bites. "yeah, I'm real sorry my dog bit you."
How does he know that.....I don't tell people that.....and I didn't say that outloud!!!
His mind wonders.
And he won't look at me....weird!!
"So what have you heard...." and he goes off on a tangent about this, that, and other thing and I'm still lookin' at my groom schedule!!
He is off rebuildin' highways and sellin' his business which is tankin' becuz of casinos becuz the people won't make car payments becuz Indians are takin' all the money so he can't wait for the road to go thru but he is real concerned about what to do next......and he goes on and on....and on.

Realize that I have only said maybe three words...."Thank you" and "Let's see"....that's four! I mostly just nod my head and smile or look concerned.

And then out of the blue he says, "I'll call you next week."

Oh....My heart awaits with anticipation!!!

And that was 3 weeks ago.....If I'm lucky, he won't call until Spring!!!

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Proto said...

I have two brother's in OK, but neither has a chow, so whew!